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Friday, February 1, 2013

In Which 2013 Becomes My Boyfriend

Anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds with me, knows that I have no love for 2012. While I thought it would be a year of Awes-tastic-Fantabulous, it proceeded to show itself to be a shrew and junk punch nearly everyone I know and love. The details of which would write about a dozen sad country songs, easily.

So I'm beyond ready for 2013. I want to cuddle it up to my bosom and make cooing noises and play kissie face and tell it, that it's been the year I've been waiting for all my life, and ....

I'm easily excitable.

On the writing front, I will be editing up a storm and getting out many of the projects I wrote last year. I have a few book releases coming up, including the Fondled and Gobbled: Going Back for Seconds spoof as well as some other delicious naughtiness. More details to come

The Masta Plan involves appearances at a few conferences: RT in May and Romanticon in the fall! RT was a great experience last year and I will be more focused this year. (No really, stop giving me that look) and I wouldn't miss Romanticon for the world. It gets bigger and better every year and I can't wait to connect with my peeps.

I can admit that the fangirl in me is looking forward to some of the book releases 2013 will bring. S.E. Jakes,  Gena Showalter and a new IAD book from Kresley Cole! So many good words there I could Scrooge McDuck through them. *shivers*

And the movies! The Rock and Bruce Willis in the new GI Joe movie?! Bruce Willis in a new Die Hard in theaters?! *falls down*  Can you tell that I love Bruce Willis? I'm also looking forward to Hansel and Gretel, Jack the Giant Slayer, and I've heard a rumor there will be a Pixar release this summer. I suspect I will be spending plenty of time in the theater.

I'm salivating just thinking of all the goodness this year can bring. So pucker up 2013 and come give me some sugar.


  1. WHOOOO!! Those are all hot picks for books!! I'm excited too!! Do you have a top pick?

  2. Bruce Willis in any movie is a must see for me! Add in The Rock and I'm set! LOL!