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Friday, February 8, 2013

Reading, Writing and Conferences, Oh My

First book sold

It's hard to put into words what last year was like for me. Amazing maybe is the best way to describe it. I spent most of the year giddy and full of anticipation for the next great adventure. Many firsts occurred for me in the writing world. First book, first sale, first promotional stuff designed, first autographs to be signed, first conferences.... the list goes on and on.

First 'Bestsellers List'

Romance Trading Cards

This year? I'm looking for bigger and better things. More books, more conferences, more sales... and more fun. I've got about a million story ideas floating around in my head, some I've started, some I've just sketched out in a notebook. Some of those will get finished, I hope.

First EC's Romanticon

What else am I looking forward to other than making a bunch of money (yes I'm being facitious)? Perhaps hanging with friends at some of the coolest writer's conferences in the US? Yes, that's the ticket. I can't wait for Romanticon 2013 in October. I know, LONG way away from now, but I can't help it. Last year was a total blast and I had NO idea what to expect. This year. Oh, this year is going to be the year of the Cabal. We're taking over and beware anyone that is skittish or timid.
 So, bring on 2013. I'm ready. I've got my gear, my girls and my computer.

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  1. That's some pretty cool stuff to look forward to, Lea! May this really be your year!!

    1. Thanks! I hope everyone has an awesome year. 2013 is going to rock.

  2. Looking forward to the Year of the Cabal!

  3. Only a million? LOL! Looking forward to some of that Cabal badness at Romanticon.