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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big Cocks and Broomsticks Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the
Big Cocks and Broomsticks Giveaway Hop

We're at it again... and if you aren't scared by anything else THIS should give you goosebumps. :P All of us working together on something usually promises for talk of boobs, sausage, deep-throating and cumshots! 

Fondled and Gobbled: Someone Had To Do It 
free Oct 21st thru Nov 3rd

The perfect man—with the imperfect cock and oral skills. The Dom who isn’t a dom, and the man who proves it to him. The alien with dessert-flavored semen and three cocks. The older man (a kajillionaire with a penthouse in Seattle…) who has limitless ability to come all night with his naïve little virgin. A woman on a diet who craves a feast of meat and finds herself five Broadshaft Brothers who can deliver.

If you’re looking for the perfect romance with the perfect hero and heroine, this isn’t it! This is a series of spoofs, parodies, just-for-fun lighthearted take-offs. It’s for all us longtime, hard-core romance readers who can laugh at the clichés, purple prose and “suspend your disbelief” plot devices that haunt our beloved favorite genre.

Ellora's Cave

First Prize: $100 Amazon or B&N Giftcard
Second Prize: $50 Amazon or B&N Giftcard
Third Prize: $25 Amazon or B&N Giftcard

Friday, October 18, 2013

Romanticon 2013--All the Dirt That's Fit to Print!

I get to post the first Cabal post after Romanticon 2013! Ooooh, what should I tell first?

When I first got to Romanticon and saw my Cabal-mates, I ran to the room they were in and pressed my breasts against... Oh wait. I probably shouldn't tell that one first.

There was the first breakfast when Cristal and I discussed male/male spectator sex over a plate of sausage. Oh, that's probably not appropriate to bring up.

Then Danica got humped by a couple of--no, wait...

I made a bunch of women do terribly naughty with bananas. And Ann Mayburn told them they should put their fingers in--maybe I shouldn't elaborate.

We had a meeting over breakfast on how to incorporate cumshots into our... Wow. Turns out there's actually not a whole lot I can actually tell you about.

But you know what?? It was lots of fun and you can experience it next year for yourself! Seriously, it's so much fun. Ellora's Cave puts on a great show. The ladies are all so friendly and fun, and you'll have lots of stories you can't ever tell anyone either!

Doesn't that sound awesome?

But here are some pix I *can* share with you!

Here's what happened when I tried to write in the hotel bar at Romanticon:

Here's me on my knees in my fancy dress sneaking sparkling wine to the Cabal at the awards ceremony!

And finally, here's a story from Romanticon that I am PROUD to share!
The Cabal of Hotness (including our one male member, Justin Whitfield) won Ellora's Cave Superstar "For the Love of Romance" Awards for our Fondled & Gobbled books!! Here's us on stage receiving our awards:

Romanticon, until next year when we meet again!

Saturday, October 12, 2013


And yes, it needed the all caps!

OMG I can't believe it's time for Romanticon. By the time this post goes live it will be two days into one of the most awesome conferences I've been too and I'll be doing the Clockbuster's workshop and then getting ready for the old Hollywood party. I'm in love with my dress for that.

Okay, so I've only been to one other one and that was RWA in 2008.

Still, Romanticon rocks. My first time there was in 2011. I was painfully shy, it was the first time away from my youngest and I was NERVOUS.

Though I got over my nerves fast. A few times when I was missing my baby Rodney made me laugh, because he found out I was just over the border from where he lived, so we shared border crossing stories, or rather he acted out a few which made me almost pee my pants and Angelo (RIP), well he caught me teary eyed on the elevator and cheered me up immensely and we talked about our children. I'm going to miss Angelo.

Besides the bit of homesickness, I met so many amazing people that I'm looking forward to seeing again.

I'm also going to meeting the Cabal of Hotness face-to-face. Yes, I haven't met any member of the Cabal except Anya Richards (Who's my neighbor and CP) and Cristal Ryder (who is my RWA Chapter mate and CP). I didn't go to Romanticon in 2012 when the Cabal was formed. Cristal Ryder invited me and it sounded crazy. So I emailed Lea Barrymire and she was like "Oh course! More the merrier."

I don't think Lea knew what she was getting in to! ;)

This year it's going to be crazier. I know it.

No hiding in a corner for me. There may be some home sickness, but not that much. I've been on deadlines all this year, fighting some illnesses I won't get into here, so I'm looking forward to letting loose and having a blast!

Oh, and a Happy Anniversary to my DH who is home alone with three kids. Yep, today is also my 11th anniversary. Almost forgot about that! ;)

Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Romanticon Madness week with the Cabal of Hotness!

Mornin' all! I'm leaving for Ellora's Cave Romanticon early on Wednesday, as soon as I drop DD off at school. I've never come in this early for a convention - it doesn't officially start til 7pm on Thursday, but I think I'm going to like getting there and settled before the masses descend.

If you've never been to Romanticon, here's what it's all about: fun, and celebrating the genre we all love so much - romance! Sure, the Cavemen are there, and hey, they're hot, but Romanticon isn't about the Cavemen. It's about Ellora's Cave and their books, it's about the authors, and it's about the readers. It's a three-plus day celebration of all that us publishing/reading types hold dear. And that's why it's so awesome.

Last year was my first Romanticon, and I'll admit to some nerves. I didn't know what to expect. But now I do, and I intend to have a great, relaxing time. I know a lot more authors and I hope to meet lots more readers.

Kaener Langford, Shoshanna Evers, and me, last year on Friday night

I want to talk to the publisher, the awesome Raelene Gorlinsky, to find out some of the marketing endeavors Ellora's Cave has coming up. With my background I'm always interested in what the publishers are doing to push our books in this crowded marketplace. I recently did a promotion in conjunction with Ellora's Cave where the first book in my Buckin' Bull Riders series, Impact, was free for two weeks. It was downloaded thousands of times, and I'm hoping to snag some new readers after they read the book. I'm grateful Ellora's Cave gave me the opportunity to do that.

So let's see...what are the highlights of the conference? Don't go by these times, I could be wrong about some of them. I could probably look them up, but I'm running on five hours of sleep, it's 7:45am, and I'm not a morning person.

The Cavemen at the Sunday Night Bingo party. Yes, it's a pajama party.

Thursday, 7pm Meet and Greet - this is the first official event of Romanticon, where all the authors, readers, and Cavemen mingle. There's karaoke, but I'm self-aware enough to know I can't sing and nice enough not to subject people to listening to me.

Friday, 1-2pm Cover Model Shoot - pick two Cavemen, wrag your arms (and hey, legs) around them, and the awesome EC Art Director Syneca Featherstone will snap some pictures. This event is repeated on Saturday at the same time.

Friday, 3-3:50pm Ann Mayburn, me, Cristal Ryder and Piper Trace present Zero to Hero, How to Make Your Hero a Hero in Bed. We're hoping to get some good discussion going here. And Piper is bringing bananas. We can't tell you why.

Friday night New Bollywood party with costumes, dancing, and Cavemen.

Saturday night Old Hollywood party and awards ceremony with costumes, dancing, Cavemen, and lots of lovely awards being given out.

Did I mention that the Cavemen perform? Three times? Oh yeah......

I'm not big on costumes, but I love the ones I have for these parties. I can't wait to see what everyone looks like. And whose saris stay together. I didn't get a sari for New Bollywood night. Knowing me, I'd trip over it and we'd have a dominoes situation. It wouldn't be pretty. People are talking about a really wide variety of costumes for the Old Hollywood party, and they sound really cool.

Sunday, 12-4 Sexporium (aka the big book signing!) with all the authors. I think I'll have two different print books there this year, plus cover flats for three more. Plus, I just might have some special swag for readers who buy a book (or an ebook) that day!

Sunday night Bingo! Look for the lavender basket sponsored by me, Cara Carnes, and Rebecca Royce!

Whew! Then we all drive/fly home on Monday and collapse. Not likely to happen, unfortunately, since many of us have evil day jobs, kids, homes, pets, and husbands (or wives - hey, I'm equal opportunity). We'll sort through our pictures, keeping some for blackmail - did I say that out loud? - and posting some on our websites, blogs, and social media.

The totally awesome Cara Carnes and I at the book signing last year. Can you tell I have a raging migraine?

You can follow the Cabal of Hotness on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/CabalofHotness, Ellora's Cave at http://www.twitter.com/EllorasCave, or me at http://www.twitter.com/Cassandra_Carr. Then there's Facebook. My personal page (where I'll probably post pics since it's way easier from my phone) is https://www.facebook.com/BooksByCassandraCarr?hc_location=stream, Ellora's Cave is https://www.facebook.com/EllorasCavePublishing. Lastly, some authors, readers, and EC itself will be putting stuff up on Pinterest, Instagram...

Hope to see lots of you there! If not, attend virtually.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

EC Romanticon 2012: Reminiscing

This time last year I was biting my fingernails down to the nubs. I was packing and getting ready for my first author conference.

The reason for my angst? I didn’t have a book out yet, so I was applying the title “author” very loosely. I had a book, but I was entrenched in edits and it wouldn’t be released in time for the conference.

My other worries? I was going to another state to spend the weekend with a bunch of people that I didn’t know. I would be forced to make (gasp) new friends. And since this was my first ever conference I didn’t know what to expect or bring.

My only saving grace was that I had hooked up with another author as roomies. “At least I would have someone to talk to some of the time,” I thought to myself. Lea Barrymire was a newbie author like me and this was also her first conference. So, putting on my big girl panties, I packed and headed out to Ohio to Ellora’s Cave Romanticon 2012.

I can honestly say I left a scared and timid woman and came back with new found confidence. I was able to meet a bunch of other authors who were just as crazy and quirky as I was. I danced and I laughed so hard that I cried a couple of times. I was even mistaken for a superstar by Danica Avet (and no, I will never let her live that down). Lea and I were walking by and she mistook us for some other authors and called us over. We've all been buddies ever since.
But I think the funniest meet was Piper Trace. True story: Lea and I are sitting at a table and writing and Piper comes over, happy to have some authors to write with, reaches into her computer bag, pulls out a diaper and cusses. She then sits her computer on the table and says, "I want you bitches to guard my laptop with your life. I'll be right back." What else could we say but "ok". She didn't come back for 45 minutes LOL.

Not only did I have a blast, but I joined a group of smexy authors and we’ve since become a force to be reckoned with! As the Cabal of Hotness, we’ve put out 5 anthologies called Fondled and Gobbled.

Writing can be a very lonely world, but luckily I now have friends to bounce ideas off, exchange crits and yes, even participate in plots to take over the world. LOL. It’s been wonderful. And I’ve loved every minute!

I don’t know what I’ll experience this time around, but I can't wait to find out. Now, off to pack!