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Monday, February 25, 2013

What am I looking forward to in 2013?


I’m talking about nice, round, perky DD tits.

I’m begging Santa to hear my Christmas wish *bats eye lashes* and deliver me to a plastic surgeon. I’ve been wanting new tits for a long time, but every time I was about to get them, something else always came up.

Sending the kid off to college
Car broke down and needed a new one

Paying for kid to enroll in a trade program
But not this year *laughs manically*.

The various heroine and hero's in the Fondled and Gobbled series (available now) got me thinking about how badly I want tits this year.

Now, I've never had really small tits like Steele in Cassandra Carr's spoof - Wild Fantasy Hero. According to Cassandra, Steele has got itty bit titties (poor girl) - or as my husband would say, "She belongs to IBTC - the Itty Bitty Tittie Committee."

But I always wanted titties so big that I’d knock over drinks, smother little kids when I hug ‘em and cause grown men to have wet dreams.

I can just see me now, I'd be like Danica Avet's heroine Holly in Cookie Bound with 36DD tits, walking through the grocery store with a tight fitting shirt, no bra, tight jeans and high heels. Oh, I won't be there to shop. I’d be there to show off my beautiful new rack.

Not surprisingly my hubby is very supportive of this tittie dream of mine. When I verbalize my dreams, he’s right by my side, voicing his opinion about how many drinks I’ll knock down, how he’ll have to buy me new bigger bra’s and how I’ll need to set my car seat to the furthest setting away from the steering wheel. I think he would prefer I had tits like Heather in Sasha Devlin's Special Brand of Lovin' who's like DDD. But I think with tits like those I would get in a world of trouble.

*sighs* He’s so great.
I hope 2013 brings you all what you wish for most.


  1. Griff... I chuckled, then envisioned what our first Romanticon would be like if your tits were bigger, and I laughed right out loud. I'll need airport personnel batons this year if you're coming with bigger knockers. Unleash the kraken indeed.

  2. I got mine just over 4 years ago. I went from having one C cup and one nearly A to having D to DD depending on the bra fit. Now, I got mine because I wanted my boobs to be the same size but they actually balance out my frame and clothes fit better. It's so much nicer when your rack matches your hips. Makes your waste look smaller! And hubby loves them! LOL!

  3. Sorry, should be waist! LOL!!!

  4. I'd love bigger boobs. I keep telling my aunt she should have let me be on the table next to her when she had her reduction...5 pounds off of each! I kid you not, the woman had like FFF? GGG? something like that and it was all natural. The bitch. *hides away with her sometimes B cup*

  5. I have 46DD and it's not all it's cracked up to be.
    They are hard on the back and when I lay down, they almost touch the bed on either side of my arms! hahahaha
    I don't think guys are having wet dreams when they see my rack. And forget about running or jogging. You get smacked in the face by those boobs.