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Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 is going to be a kick-ass year!

When we were choosing themes for the blog, and the theme of "What are you most looking forward to in 2013" came up in discussion, I thought it was an intriguing idea. There are so many ways different members of the Cabal of Hotness could answer the question. We're all at different points in our writing careers, and some of us have personal things going on in our lives that we also might be looking forward to.

As for me, well, I'm looking forward to September when my daughter starts full-time preschool. Now, I've heard it all from other mothers, "Cherish this time, they won't be young forever" and "You have plenty of time to write later - take this time with your daughter!", amongst other things. Allow me to refute these points. First, we should cherish the time we spend with our kids, but shouldn't we cherish it no matter how old they are? Yes, I know it's hard to cherish teenagers, but you get my drift. Then the "plenty of time later" discussion? Actually, no, I don't have plenty of time. Publishing is notoriously fickle, and if I decide to take five years off to spend with my daughter full-time, I might very well back to a career that's in shambles, unable to be revived.

Before you start thinking this whole post is going to be a downer, let's talk about some of the other things I'm looking forward to. I'm going to three conferences this year, starting with Naughty Sleepover later this month, then to RT in May, and back to EC's Romanticon in October. I'm also doing a weekend-long writing retreat in September. I love going to conferences. Not only do you get a chance to stop staring at a computer screen day in and day out, but you learn; you meet readers and agents and editors and reviewers. And you get to party with all the authors you admire. What could be better?

I'm also looking forward to releasing the first book I ever wrote, Should've Known Better. I love the hero, Sebastian, and I sooo wanted his story told. Now it will be, with the help of a great small press called Twenty or Less Press. I've published with their erotic arm, Sybarite Seductions, before, and I love them. I will be putting out at least two more bull rider books for my Buckin' Bull Riders series, as well as my first male/male story.

And of course, there's all the cool stuff the Cabal of Hotness is doing. Stay tuned, because Fondled and Gobbled has hardly even scratched the surface of the talent of these writers.

So yeah, I'm looking forward to a lot in 2013. I fully expect it will be a kick-ass year. I'm so grateful to have all of you along for the ride. You're the reason we do this - the reason we write. So thank you for reading. Without you, we'd be nothing.

If you see me at a conference, please do come introduce yourself. I'd love to have the opportunity to meet you and thank you in person!
-- Cassandra

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  1. I wanted to SOOOOOO go to Romanticon!! But I already made plans for Tenn!! Next year I am so in!!

  2. Looking forward to it!!!!! 2013 will be a fab year. :)

  3. Romanticon is something I always look forward to, it's so much fun, can't say it's relaxing. I can sleep later.
    And yes, we should cherish any time and all ages of our children. They do grow up fast. It just doesn't seem like it while they are little. When they are umm, let's say 25 you wonder where you were while they were growing up.