A group of crazy, neurotic, absolutely hilarious erotic romance authors working together to corrupt the world... one reader at a time.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Coming To A Bar Near You

Just when you thought it was safe to return to normal, when the Mayan calendar was proved wrong and you could enjoy the upcoming New Year's Eve party you had planned...

Yeah, we went there.

Welcome to the wild, chaotic, lurid world of the Cabal of Hotness. We're what happens when a group of erotic romance writers meet for the first time at RomantiCon where alcohol, mostly naked men and ideas flow like...well, wine. We are the women your parents warned you not to hang around. We'll corrupt you and make you love every second of it, laughing all the while.

This blog is where we'll be compiling our insanity, sharing our interests and thoughts on the world of writing, romance, men and just about anything that grabs our fancy. We hope you'll stick around to learn more about us as we introduce ourselves this month.

Look at the right sidebar, then look back at me. That's the list of who is in the Cabal of Hotness. We're all a different flavor of hot.

Look to the left sidebar, then look back at me. That's how you can join the Cabal of Hotness street team and earn your right to be called a Hottie. And we have the last word on hotness because that's who we are.
To celebrate being unleashed on the unsuspecting world, we're going to hold a giveaway.To enter to win an awesome Amazon gift card($100.00), subscribe to our blog, follow us on twitter and comment on any or all of our posts this month. Each comment equals one entry. Subscribing equals two entries. Make sure to leave your email addy on your comments. The winner will be chosen at the end of the month and contacted via email.

Here's the kind of hotness we're bringing in 2013.

Geeky Hotness:
"Who spends all day rolling around in spreadsheets and Chemistry textbooks and spends all night writing smutty smut for the masses? Geeky Hotness, that's who. She's here to show that Geeks really do it better because they're in it for the O."
Geeky Hotness
Kinky Hotness:
"Kinky Hotness is an enigma. On the outside, she looks like an innocent, polite woman. It's what lurks inside that earned her the nickname. Don't be fooled by her appearance -- Kinky Hotness kind of sneaks up on you that way -- but once she's in your brain you'll never be able to forget her."

Kinky Hotness
Honey Hotness:
"Honey Hotness is exactly that - a honey. That's how she attracts you to her. But don't underestimate this lady - she can sting like a bee. In her books. When she's not battling her Evil Day Job, she spends her time weaving sweet, but hot stories and dreaming of a certain man."
Honey Hotness
Chocolate Hotness:
"Sexy. Sassy. Sweet. The trifecta of book perfection, and an apt description of our own Chocolate Hotness. Compassionate caring nurse by day and amazing purveyor of erotic words by night there's not much she can't do. You only think you know the meaning of Sexual Chocolate but wait until you see her OOOOOOklahoma!"

Brazen Hotness:
"Brazen Hotness is classy and sassy and full of surprises. You may find her speaking in a British accent, her ample cleavage spilling over a low-cut blouse and wearing a smile as radiant as can be. But rest assured, with a name like Brazen, expect to find her standing in the front lines, an arm raised in the air bellowing, “Release the Kraken!” for all to hear."
Brazen Hotness

Bootay Hotness:
"Bootay Hotness, left the tropical paradise of Jamaica to follow her heart to the frigid, cold and snowy world of Canada. As a way to keep cold at bay in the unrelenting snowy darkness that is a Canadian winter, Bootay writes hot smut to keep the home fires burning…in more ways than one. A mild mannered law clerk by day, Bootay’s stories are full of rich, erotic imagery, helicopter cocks and assorted other ways to torture manly heroes which will leave the reader panting and squirming for more."
Bootay Hotness
Naughty Hotness:
"The one and only dirty-minded, slick-tongued Naughty Hotness is all that and a bag of chips. Or a package of sausage. Smart, talented and sexy just about sums her up. She’s always ready at every occasion with quick quips of the naughty nature, and she’s never shy about sharing them. If you're afraid of the heat you'd better back away slowly. Naughty is dishing out the Hotness in spades."

Naughty Hotness
Glacial Hotness:
"Outwardly the quintessential polite Canadian and once a quiet, unassuming law clerk/medical transcriptionist, inside Glacial Hotness there’s a wild woman who really doesn’t need a reason to come out. Sometimes that crazy chick just arrives and commandeers the keyboard, cackling maniacally as she puts fictional characters into the raunchiest, most twisted situations possible. There have been recent reports of unintelligible growling, cherry-popping and other forms of moonlight madness as a result of her Mrs. Hyde-like persona’s latest appearance. Don’t let Glacial Hotness’s innocent look fool you—reading one of her books will take you on a wild ride."

Glacial Hotness
Cajun Hotness:
"Hell...if brains and bawdiness had a baby, and it rode a motorcycle, drank too much, and waxed poetic about penises, it'd be our own Cajun Hotness. Who couldn't use a little more spice? But get your ice water ready to cool down afterwards! Cajun can mack with the best of them, but even she sometimes says inappropriate things. Better watch out because there's just no telling what she'll say next."
Cajun Hotness
Shy Hotness:
"Shy Hotness is an adrenaline junkie with a brazen streak that’ll leave you gasping for air. Warning—approach with caution. She’s well versed in not only flying the plane for her escape but can jump out like no one’s business. When she’s aground is when the Cabal’s Shy really gets down and dirty—motorcycles, snowmobiles, water skis. Need we say more? The minx wasn’t meant to be tamed. So buckle up and enjoy the adventures she sweeps you into."
Shy Hotness
Mistress Hotness:
"Mistress Hotness has a thing for long schlongs and juicy bacon, not necessarily in that order. If you can get her to stop drooling over hockey players long enough, she can sit down and write some smoking hot sex scenes about one…or two of them. Watch out for her whips and chains, this Mistress has it all."  
Mistress Hotness

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