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Monday, February 25, 2013

What am I looking forward to in 2013?


I’m talking about nice, round, perky DD tits.

I’m begging Santa to hear my Christmas wish *bats eye lashes* and deliver me to a plastic surgeon. I’ve been wanting new tits for a long time, but every time I was about to get them, something else always came up.

Sending the kid off to college
Car broke down and needed a new one

Paying for kid to enroll in a trade program
But not this year *laughs manically*.

The various heroine and hero's in the Fondled and Gobbled series (available now) got me thinking about how badly I want tits this year.

Now, I've never had really small tits like Steele in Cassandra Carr's spoof - Wild Fantasy Hero. According to Cassandra, Steele has got itty bit titties (poor girl) - or as my husband would say, "She belongs to IBTC - the Itty Bitty Tittie Committee."

But I always wanted titties so big that I’d knock over drinks, smother little kids when I hug ‘em and cause grown men to have wet dreams.

I can just see me now, I'd be like Danica Avet's heroine Holly in Cookie Bound with 36DD tits, walking through the grocery store with a tight fitting shirt, no bra, tight jeans and high heels. Oh, I won't be there to shop. I’d be there to show off my beautiful new rack.

Not surprisingly my hubby is very supportive of this tittie dream of mine. When I verbalize my dreams, he’s right by my side, voicing his opinion about how many drinks I’ll knock down, how he’ll have to buy me new bigger bra’s and how I’ll need to set my car seat to the furthest setting away from the steering wheel. I think he would prefer I had tits like Heather in Sasha Devlin's Special Brand of Lovin' who's like DDD. But I think with tits like those I would get in a world of trouble.

*sighs* He’s so great.
I hope 2013 brings you all what you wish for most.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Before I get to the good stuff, Random.org picked Wendy P as the winner of the Cabal goodness. But don't despair, folks! The Cabal is holding a mega awesome blog hop for St. Patrick's Day. Be sure to check back for updates!

I'm totally blogging twice this week. That's twice the Cajun spice. Does your ass hurt yet? Hm, that didn't come out quite the way I wanted it to.

Ah well, by now y'all should be used to my goofiness.

What's so special about this week? The second volume of awesomeness otherwise known as the Fondled and Gobbled anthology. Oh yes, you didn't think we were finished with it, did you? Bwahaha! Of course we're not. As we've stated repeatedly, when questioned by people who lay claim to sanity, there's far too much ridiculousness in the world to stop now.

And today marks the day we're unleashing the Kracken. A second time. Yes, I totally said that in the French knight's accent from The Holy Grail (that's a Monty Python movie y'all). So what can you expect in this volume?

Something....like zis?

Well, maybe not exactly like that, but the idea is there.

This volume takes us on a journey with uh, *looks at her notes* badaliensexlosingyourvirginityinabadyetgoodwayScoobyDoosoundingheroesandpenisphobiasandstrippersand...
Okay, let me try this again.

The virgin whose carefully planned hymen removal doesn’t work out the way all the romance novels told her it would. A busty broad doing what she can to get over her penis anxiety—assisted by a cadre of male strippers. A not-so-bright (and not so “big”) alien who comes to claim his life mate, and the Earth girl who wants to be claimed at all costs. A cursed, mute shapeshifter who needs to pop his cherry with his unsuspecting fated mate.

If you’re looking for the perfect romance with the perfect hero and heroine, this isn’t it! This is a series of spoofs, parodies, just-for-fun lighthearted take-offs. It’s for all us longtime, hard-core romance readers who can laugh at the clichés, purple prose and “suspend your disbelief” plot devices that haunt our beloved favorite genre.

And trust me, this book is funny. OMG. I think I had tears in my eyes when I read these stories the first time around. I can only imagine how crazy it is now!

So how can you get your copy of Fondle and Gobbled: Going Back For Seconds?
Try these fine retailers of naughty smut:
Ellora's Cave
Barnes and Noble

And be sure to share it with the world. I'm still holding out that the Wayans brothers will want to make a movie out of the spoofs. What do y'all think? If you've read volume one, who do you think should play the heroes and heroines? (All of them.) Personally, I think Armie Hammer could play Cade Kincaid, except he'd have to pretend he's not hung. Not that I know if he's well-endowed or not *hides the naked pictures* Hm, CGI should be able to handle that, right?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Making 2013 My Bitch

Yeah, I said it.

Mostly for shock value. It's Thursday. This is not my usual blogging day, but I'm being greedy and blogging twice this week. What? You heard me, TWICE. Twice the Cajun spice, two times the sheer awesomeness that is moi. And now that I've inflated my ego, I'll float away to Cover Model Land where muscular men with an aversion to clothing feed me chocolate and rub my...feet *cough* all day while I write smut.

*dreamy sigh* I wish 2013 would be like that. Because that would be hardcore. In more ways than one. Bwahaha

But really, 2013 is looking to be a great year. The Cabal of Hotness has unleashed the Kracken once already and now that she's out, she's wreaking havoc on ze world! She's knocking down skyscrapers with her big boobs and snatching up all the sexy men for herself, the greedy bitch. The second volume of Fondled and Gobbled comes out tomorrow, volumes 3 and 4 are in the works and I'm gathering allies for another anthology (which shall remain secret).

In non-Cabal news, I have an upcoming release in Dean's List, a naughty EC for Men Quickie which comes out March 20. It's for men, but I think the womenz can read it too.

I also have a ton of books planned for the year. This is unusual for me. Normally, I do the four or five book goal, but this time there's so much to do, it looks as though I'll be aiming for at least nine releases this year. Providing my editors like my work *bites her nails* Oh and lest I forget, there are a ton of books I'm waiting to read. Oooh, so many that I'm going to have to start buying the cheap kitty litter to afford them.

And then there are the conferences. OMG, I'm so ready for another conference. I'm looking forward to RT in Kansas City. We are going to tear it up. I'm telling y'all, it's going to be wild. They're not going to know what hit them. Someone remind me to tell Kinky we might need to increase our bail money kitty. Then there's RomantiCon. If you haven't registered yet, you might want to get on that. Yeah, it's going to be epic. The Cabal is going to be there in full-friggin-force. Canton might need to expand to accommodate us for four decadent days.

What are you looking forward to this year?

A quick romp in his home office with his family upstairs. A roadside quickie in his car after picking up a stranded motorist. A dominating woman who uses and abuses him in the most delicious of ways. These are just a few things that make Dean McKnight the luckiest man alive. Top it off with a successful career, a wonderful family and a hot, adventurous wife, and Dean couldn’t be happier.
With the option of having a different woman every night of the week, Dean’s list is packed with women who fulfill all his darkest fantasies. He just never knows which one will show up next.
An EC for Men contemporary erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This year

What am I looking forward to in 2013? Well, I'm looking forward to Fondled & Gobbled: Going Back for Seconds coming out. I was looking forward to the first volume releasing and it has!

 I'm REALLY looking forward to Romanticon in October! I missed out last year because of the epic road trip, but this year, I'm so there. I had a BLAST the first year I went and met some amazing people and of course the best part is going to be hanging with the Cabal and Hotties. WOOT! Epic fun times to be had! This is a picture of me with the cavemen.

 I'm looking forward to my first release with Harlequin Medicals, but I don't really technically know if that's this year or not, but since I've worked my little brains out over that first book and I'm currently working on the second, I'm REALLY looking forward to the release of Safe in His Hands.

 Since this winter has been sucky with colds etc., I'm looking forward to the summer. I love summer.

 I'm also looking forward to the Fall because my youngest, who I love dearly, will be going to school and I'll get some writing time in the day instead of having to stay up late and spending my nights hunched over the computer. I just feel really bad for his teacher. ;-)

 And that's what I'm looking forward to this year. How about you?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Crazy Sexy Year

2013 has already started off pretty crazy for me. In the last few months I've been through a divorce, a move, a new job, and signed five book contracts!

This post is supposed to be about what I'm most looking forward to this year, and sinceI'm more of a visual person here's some pics of what I'm planning for 2013.

More of this (in real life, not just for my characters)


And this...

With all those contracts I'm definitely going to need to do more of this:

And if there's any time left over I'd like to climb a few mountains
And lick some sexy abs...


Yep, 2013 is going to be a good one :) 

Image courtesy of Michal Marcol at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Friday, February 15, 2013

Being a Writer is the Best Job in the World

The life of an erotic romance author: Here I am at Sexapalooza 2012, signing books in front of the EC Bus!
Well, perhaps the title is a bit of an overstatement. I mean I'm not curing cancer or feeding the hungry, but I am making all your panties just a little wetter and some dicks just a little harder. And doesn't that make it all worth it?

Obviously being a published author is cool. I don't think I need to sell anyone on that point. But it occurred to me yesterday that being a writer may be the best "self-owned business" idea ever! So for all you wanna-be entrepreneurs out there, consider the following:

  • Start-up capital: virtually zero. 
    • You need to get your book written, but I suppose you could even do that on a computer at the library. Realistically, though, you'll need a computer. I started with a $250 netbook. Worked fine to write my first novel on. Other investments may include books about writing, some online writing workshops and the like. You certainly don't need a license, a building, a permit to do business, articles of incorporation, inventory, etc. 
  • Be your own boss! 
    • Things may become a little less casual for me someday, but right now I decide what I want to write and when I want to write it. I do it on my own time and at my own pace. This statement would change significantly if I was depending on my writing paycheck to supply my food money, or mortgage, or batteries for my vibrator. That shit's serious. I'd have to step it up then! 
    • Sure I have an editor to answer to, and some folks also have agents, multiple publishers, etc., but even then, you are in business with those folks to put out a great product. They're your partners in the venture, not your boss. And that's pretty cool.
  • FREEDOM. a.k.a. Be what you want to be.
    • This is what dawned on me as the best part of being an author. If I'm in a paranormal mood, I can just up and write one! I don't need permission. I don't need acceptance. I don't need to get anyone's "buy-in". It won't mean I'll sell it, but if you have a decent publishing record, you can get a good idea of what you'll sell. If I was, say, an actor, and I was in the mood to work in an action movie, I'd have to wait for someone else to write it, then audition for it, then hope I get the part. Most likely, I'd audition for anything I thought looks like a good fit for me and I really would have no control over it. An actor can't think, "I'd love to star in a romantic comedy," and then go right out there and make it happen immediately and under his control. THAT's what's so cool about being an author.
    • Now I'm talking in generalities. There are a lot of actor/writer/producers out there, and at some point, when they're in demand enough or rich enough, actors can call a LOT of the shots--or ALL the shots--I'm sure, but I'm comparing actors that are akin to my level as a writer.
As I finish this blog post, I'm now returning to my latest DIY project--constructing two ottomans for my oversized great room. In other words, I'm TAKING THE DAY OFF from my job. 'Cause I'm the boss. Of course, there's a catch. Time I "take off" from putting the right words on the page in the right order is reflected in my paycheck. You have to keep writing to grow and succeed in this business! That's the best advice you'll ever hear...how do you become a successful writer? You WRITE. And you don't stop.

Damn. I've gotta get to work!!

<3 <3 Piper, a.k.a. Naughty Hotness

What's *your* favorite thing about being a writer? (published or not...if you write, you're a writer!)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hearts on Fire Blog Hop

Happy Valentine's Day and welcome to this stop on Victoria Danann’s celebration hop for her new release:  The Summoner’s Tale. Don’t forget to stop by and enter in the grandprize drawings for: 1.) Two Kindle Paperwhites  2.) Three sets of Black Swan: Books 1-3 paperbacks signed by Victoria Danann (1 and 2 being US only) 3.) twenty sets of Black Swan: Books 1-3 e-books and an international giftcard!

You can also win the following prizes:
MaryLynn Bast:  Heart of a Wolf Series
Susan D. Taylor:  Secret Desire
Tara Lain:  Beach Balls
Read 2 Review (Kate) and GMTA UK:  (5 to 10 books that will be announced)
Airicka Phoenix:   E-copy of Games of Fire, Touching Smoke, & Touching Eternity
Katie Salidas:  E-copy of Moonlight and Sweet Surprises! By her and Willsin Rowe which also releases on Feb 14!
Sara Trimble:  E-copy of A Woman's Revenge
Michelle Graham:  E-copy of Landing the Big Ones
Kim Mullican:  Yoder's Farm, Taking Control (Book 1 Control Series),Control (Book 2 Control Series), Immortal Decision
Cambria Hebert:  Ecopy of Recalled and a Winners Choice from the Heven and Hell Series Ecopy
M.L.  Stephens:  Ecopy of Love You More
J Kelly Acinni:  5 sets of paperback copies of Baby and Echo US only
Susan Griscom:  Reflections and Whisper Cape

I'm your Cabal hostess, Danica Avet, also known as Cajun Hotness in the Cabal. I write Erotic Romance with a touch of Cajun spice (obviously!) and the girls here in the Cabal have their own brands of spice to bring to the table. Er, does that mean we write books good enough to eat? Hm, I might have to ponder that some more.

I'm sending out a huge thank you to Nikki at Close Encounters with the Night Kind and Anna with Reading Between the Lines for putting this blog hop on. Did I mention they're also hosting a hop for the Cabal? Bwahaha. *cough* I mean, yes, they are. But that's not what you're here for today. You want to know what goodies the Cabal is bringing to the table. Well, here you go:

Winner's choice of one of these two shirts:

Sizes S-XXL

Wear it loud, wear it proud and pimp us out at the same time! Win this lovely shirt that comes in black and white, red and white, or brown and white. (Notify me of what size/colors you'd like in the comments)


Do the same in this orsum plus size shirt! (Notify me of what size you'd like in the comments).


You also get a button about Ted, the cabal's Big Cock. Kinky Hotness, keeper of the booty, will also send the winner a Cabal of Hotness ink pen, Fondled and Gobbled button and a Romance Trading Card for both anthologies.

What anthologies you may ask? The ones you can win! That's right, we'll also give you a digital copy of your choice of Fondled and Gobbled: Someone Had To Do It or Fondled and Gobbled: Going Back For Seconds (releases February 22). These are some erotic spoofs the ladies of the Cabal wrote for fun and it's yours if you win.
Cabal of Hotness prize pack rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway <

And for your chance to win the grandprize, hit the rafflecopter below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And now…..Your sneak into The Summoner’s Tale:
A SUMMONER’S TALE: the vampire’s confessor
AUTHOR:                   by Victoria Danann
PUBLISHER:              7th House
ISBN:                          978-1-933320-67-0 ebook      Words: 110,000
                                    978-1-933320-80-9 print        Pages: 350
GENRE:                      paranormal romance, vampire romance, urban fantasy,
                                    paranormal fantasy
RELEASE DATE:      February 14, 2013
BOOK TRAILER:      http://victoriadanann.me/the-summoners-tale/
BUY AT:                    Amazon.com (search by title) $3.99
DESCRIPTION: A secret society, a witch, a psychic, vampires, modern day knights, heroes, elves, fae, assassins from another dimension, and fairytales come together where emotions intersect. Two souls, joined by a mystical bond, separated by distance, must simultaneously struggle through pain and darkness in an ultimate confrontation with character and an ultimate struggle for life proving that true love waits patiently through lifetimes and finds courage to survive. Even in the strangest places. Even when you’re least expecting it. Even when you’re far, far from home.
Erotic quotient: A little steam. No menage. No BDSM.
 IMPORTANT: Black Swan Books 2 and 3 are available on Amazon.com exclusively. However, a COLLECTED TALES EDITION, Books 1-3 – The Saga of Black Swan  will also be released on Feb. 14th in e-book everywhere.  
ISBN: 978-1-933320-70-0                 All three books for $5.99.
This is the story as it was intended to be read – without interruption.
Book One – My Familiar Stranger: Romancing the Vampire Hunters nominated for Reviewers Choice Best Paranormal Romance of 2012)  113,000 words
Book Two – The Witch’s Dream: A Love Letter to Paranormal Romance 100,000 words
Book Three – A Summoner’s Tale: The Vampire’s Confessor 110,000 words
WEBSITE: http://www.VictoriaDanann.com
BLOG: http://VictoriaDanann.me
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/vdanann  
TWITTER: @vdanann
Victoria120x180Author Bio: 
For the past fourteen years, Victoria has illustrated and authored Seasons of the Witch calendars and planners and written several non-fiction books on magickal arts.
Though fiction was initially a departure for her, she had this series simmering on the back burner of her mind for years. In addition to authoring and illustrating Seasons of the Witch, she plays Classic Rock music (keys, rhythm guitar, vocals) and manages one of Houston’s premier party bands.
 This series will eventually include some of her actual experience in the paranormal with fictionalized anecdotes from her journals during the years when she was a practicing “metaphysician” along with material from her academic education in parapsychology.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Ahoy!

2012 was a weird year for me and my family. The highs were stratospheric, the lows catastrophic. It was, in Dickens’ words, “the best of times. It was the worst of times.” So what am I looking forward to this year? Would it be a cop-out to say “Peace and Quiet”? Yeah, like that’s gonna happen, especially having joined the Cabal of Hotness…there isn’t anything peaceful or quiet about this lot. So, ruling that out, here’s my personal list of what I hope/plan/wish for in 2013.
I want to see the Fondled & Gobbled series enjoyed by lots of people. There are some crazy-funny people writing the shorts for these books, and I think they’re hilarious.
 In the hope/plan category, I want to have a few more books written and accepted for publication. At least two, maybe three more in my Unveiled Seductions series, plus some other works already underway.
Continued growth in my editing business, Grammar Goggles, would be awesome too, since editing is right up there in my “favorite things” category and I’m meeting some of the most amazing writers doing it too. I’m pleased with how well it’s already doing, but have started dreaming of quitting the EDJ to be able to concentrate fully on writing related work.
I may, MAY, dip my toes in the turbulent waters of self-publishing, but the books I have in mind need the kind of extensive editing other people hire me to do nowadays, so I may not have the time right now. You know how it is, the shoemaker’s children never have good shoes…
RomantiCon 2013, bay-bee. Cavemen and readers and the awesome Cabalites and Cavemen and other authors and Cavemen. Oh, and what about those Cavemen? If Rodney’s there I just might turn back into the shy, blushing girl I was at twelve…

I think that’s a lot, really, for a person who tries desperately not to plan too far ahead, despite knowing it’s one of those traits grownups are supposed to cultivate. I never really had much ambition to be a grownup but it’s been thrust upon me *sigh* so I might as well add some fun to the plan…like Cavemen.
Did I mention Cavemen?

Monday, February 11, 2013

In the Moment

I used to be someone that had to have everything planned. Right down to the dot. Over the last 10 years (since my divorce) that has all changed. I try to roll with it, go with the flow, take each day as it comes. It can be hard at times but I have learned that usually the best times are spontaneous ones. It was a hard thing to do - not hang on too tight to anything. Meat Man had a lot to do with this new outlook :)
Right now, I'm south, on North Captiva Island. This trip was planned about two weeks ago and a lot of little hurdles kept us on our toes. Even the huge snowstorm we had in Ontario and through to the coast caused havoc. Our flight was cancelled twice but we finally got out. Even best laid plans get screwed up.
2013? What I'm looking forward to? The only thing planned right now is Romanticon in October. I'm definitely looking forward to that.
AND, I hope there will be more books, more sales, news on a couple of projects. Three releases will be coming up for me over the next month or so. I love new releases.
But for now, this week, I'm enjoying each sunny day that comes and will wish for sun and no rain.
Honey Hotness, out.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Reading, Writing and Conferences, Oh My

First book sold

It's hard to put into words what last year was like for me. Amazing maybe is the best way to describe it. I spent most of the year giddy and full of anticipation for the next great adventure. Many firsts occurred for me in the writing world. First book, first sale, first promotional stuff designed, first autographs to be signed, first conferences.... the list goes on and on.

First 'Bestsellers List'

Romance Trading Cards

This year? I'm looking for bigger and better things. More books, more conferences, more sales... and more fun. I've got about a million story ideas floating around in my head, some I've started, some I've just sketched out in a notebook. Some of those will get finished, I hope.

First EC's Romanticon

What else am I looking forward to other than making a bunch of money (yes I'm being facitious)? Perhaps hanging with friends at some of the coolest writer's conferences in the US? Yes, that's the ticket. I can't wait for Romanticon 2013 in October. I know, LONG way away from now, but I can't help it. Last year was a total blast and I had NO idea what to expect. This year. Oh, this year is going to be the year of the Cabal. We're taking over and beware anyone that is skittish or timid.
 So, bring on 2013. I'm ready. I've got my gear, my girls and my computer.

Geeky Hotness

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love is in the Air Giveaway Hop

Geeky Hotness is sponsoring the Cabal's involvement in this bloghop and giveaway. If you have any questions, concerns, etc. please contact her at LeaBarrymire at gmail dot com

Don't you just love the estrogen-laden lovefest that is February? Valentine's Day has become such an important day in the lives of every female from girls to older women. And, we're going to feed that need for love with a spattering of erotic, down and dirty, panty-wetting reads... 

ebook copy of Valentine Master
ebook copy of Fondled and Gobbled: Someone Had To Do It
Special Edition Read: Cupid Be Mine by Anya Richards *Only available for the winner of this blog!

To enter to win you can do a couple of things. Each will get your name thrown into the e-hat for a chance to win:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And don't forget to go visit other participants to enter to win more fabulous stuff.
Here's the legal mumbo jumbo:
- Entering this contest means you have read, understood, and agree with all rules and regulations stated.- Entrants must be 18 or older (or age of majority in your country) to enter and to win.- No purchase necessary.- Void where prohibited.- All stated rules are subject to change without notification or reason given.- Chances of winning vary widely based on the number of entries received.- Prize is as stated. No substitutions or exchanges.

- Contest host is not responsible to misrepresented/mistyped email addresses, spam filters, mailer daemons, and other internet wackiness that may crop up at the time of winner notification.

- Winners are final.- Contest Starts 00:01EST February 7st, 2013 and Ends 11:59EST February 14th, 2013 and open to International participants- Winners will be notified via email, twitter, or facebook no later than 12:00EST Feb 16th, 2013 -Respond by date to collect prize is 14 days from notification date.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cabal of Hotness: Released onto the world!

The moment you've all been waitng for is finally here.

The Cabal of Hotness Present:
Fondled and Gobbled: Someone Had To Do It

How did the madness begin? Well, Nine authors met at Ellora's Cave Romanticon 2012, and a writing and support group was formed: the Cabal of Hotness. We decided it would be fun to do a series of erotic spoofs, and after pitching the idea to Ellora's Cave, Fondled and Gobbled was born.

The perfect man—with the imperfect cock and oral skills. The Dom who isn’t a dom, and the man who proves it to him. The alien with dessert-flavored semen and three cocks. The older man (a kajillionaire with a penthouse in Seattle…) who has limitless ability to come all night with his naïve little virgin. A woman on a diet who craves a feast of meat and finds herself five Broadshaft Brothers who can deliver.

If you’re looking for the perfect romance with the perfect hero and heroine, this isn’t it! This is a series of spoofs, parodies, just-for-fun lighthearted take-offs. It’s for all us longtime, hard-core romance readers who can laugh at the clichés, purple prose and “suspend your disbelief” plot devices that haunt our beloved favorite genre.

You can read even more erotic spoofs and goofs in Fondled and Gobbled: Going Back for Seconds available February 22nd.

*Danica Avet’s Cookie Bound: *
His hands reached for my bra, but I shook my head and gave him a little
shove in the direction of the sofa. My boobs were far too saggy to be seen
in the light of day and the only way my bra was coming off in front of him
was with a court order and a crowbar.

*Lea Barrymire’s Moonlust Paradise:*
She didn’t want to let his cock out of her mouth. Mumbling around his dick
she tried to answer, but it came out garbled. “Mithy.”
“You must remove my cock from your mouth. I didn’t understand you and the
translation chip didn’t catch what you said.”

*Cassandra Carr’s Wild Fantasy Hero:*
“Baby girl?” her man said from the couch. “I need you again.”
“Again? But the last time we had sex was only a few hours ago. I haven’t
even had my protein shake.”
“I’ll give you a protein shake.” Grey waggled his eyebrows and Steele

*Piper Trace’s Slave to the Sausage:*
They closed in on her… Five muscled studs, large and tanned and in
possession of delicious sausage secrets shared only amongst themselves.
Emily instantly dropped the package, the condoms, her diet plan and her
good intentions and squealed as five sets of strong hands carried her like
their new toy to the kitchen table she’d set for one

Help support the madness!
Follow us on Twitter

Buy Links:
Ellora's Cave
Barnes & Noble

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And The Winner Is...

Hello my hot loves!

Y'all are probably twitching and constantly checking your email to see if you've won the $100 gift card, right? You've been waiting for this for a whole month, right?

Well before we get to that, can I just say that y'all were awesome? We had over a 100 entries into the contest. I hope y'all plan to stick around even though we're not giving something away every month...except naughtiness. We hand that shit out like candy at Halloween.

Anyway, we compiled the comments together and threw them into the random.org generator which spit out a magic number. And the winner of the Cabal of Hotness' very first giveaway is...

Susan W.!

Congrats, Susan! We'll be contacting you soon and sending your gift card along shortly.

Seriously, y'all, thanks for the amazing kick off for our blog. If you're interested in joining the Street Team and being named an Official Hottie, contact us over at cabalofhotness(at)gmail(dot)com. We're still accepting applicants to wear the hot pants and hooker shoes!

And don't forget, there's more awesomeness to come on the blog. Stop by every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to find out about the Cabal and what we're up to (because you never know with us).

Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 is going to be a kick-ass year!

When we were choosing themes for the blog, and the theme of "What are you most looking forward to in 2013" came up in discussion, I thought it was an intriguing idea. There are so many ways different members of the Cabal of Hotness could answer the question. We're all at different points in our writing careers, and some of us have personal things going on in our lives that we also might be looking forward to.

As for me, well, I'm looking forward to September when my daughter starts full-time preschool. Now, I've heard it all from other mothers, "Cherish this time, they won't be young forever" and "You have plenty of time to write later - take this time with your daughter!", amongst other things. Allow me to refute these points. First, we should cherish the time we spend with our kids, but shouldn't we cherish it no matter how old they are? Yes, I know it's hard to cherish teenagers, but you get my drift. Then the "plenty of time later" discussion? Actually, no, I don't have plenty of time. Publishing is notoriously fickle, and if I decide to take five years off to spend with my daughter full-time, I might very well back to a career that's in shambles, unable to be revived.

Before you start thinking this whole post is going to be a downer, let's talk about some of the other things I'm looking forward to. I'm going to three conferences this year, starting with Naughty Sleepover later this month, then to RT in May, and back to EC's Romanticon in October. I'm also doing a weekend-long writing retreat in September. I love going to conferences. Not only do you get a chance to stop staring at a computer screen day in and day out, but you learn; you meet readers and agents and editors and reviewers. And you get to party with all the authors you admire. What could be better?

I'm also looking forward to releasing the first book I ever wrote, Should've Known Better. I love the hero, Sebastian, and I sooo wanted his story told. Now it will be, with the help of a great small press called Twenty or Less Press. I've published with their erotic arm, Sybarite Seductions, before, and I love them. I will be putting out at least two more bull rider books for my Buckin' Bull Riders series, as well as my first male/male story.

And of course, there's all the cool stuff the Cabal of Hotness is doing. Stay tuned, because Fondled and Gobbled has hardly even scratched the surface of the talent of these writers.

So yeah, I'm looking forward to a lot in 2013. I fully expect it will be a kick-ass year. I'm so grateful to have all of you along for the ride. You're the reason we do this - the reason we write. So thank you for reading. Without you, we'd be nothing.

If you see me at a conference, please do come introduce yourself. I'd love to have the opportunity to meet you and thank you in person!
-- Cassandra

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Friday, February 1, 2013

In Which 2013 Becomes My Boyfriend

Anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds with me, knows that I have no love for 2012. While I thought it would be a year of Awes-tastic-Fantabulous, it proceeded to show itself to be a shrew and junk punch nearly everyone I know and love. The details of which would write about a dozen sad country songs, easily.

So I'm beyond ready for 2013. I want to cuddle it up to my bosom and make cooing noises and play kissie face and tell it, that it's been the year I've been waiting for all my life, and ....

I'm easily excitable.

On the writing front, I will be editing up a storm and getting out many of the projects I wrote last year. I have a few book releases coming up, including the Fondled and Gobbled: Going Back for Seconds spoof as well as some other delicious naughtiness. More details to come

The Masta Plan involves appearances at a few conferences: RT in May and Romanticon in the fall! RT was a great experience last year and I will be more focused this year. (No really, stop giving me that look) and I wouldn't miss Romanticon for the world. It gets bigger and better every year and I can't wait to connect with my peeps.

I can admit that the fangirl in me is looking forward to some of the book releases 2013 will bring. S.E. Jakes,  Gena Showalter and a new IAD book from Kresley Cole! So many good words there I could Scrooge McDuck through them. *shivers*

And the movies! The Rock and Bruce Willis in the new GI Joe movie?! Bruce Willis in a new Die Hard in theaters?! *falls down*  Can you tell that I love Bruce Willis? I'm also looking forward to Hansel and Gretel, Jack the Giant Slayer, and I've heard a rumor there will be a Pixar release this summer. I suspect I will be spending plenty of time in the theater.

I'm salivating just thinking of all the goodness this year can bring. So pucker up 2013 and come give me some sugar.