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Friday, August 23, 2013

Hotness Happens - Part Seven

It's time for the newest installment of the Cabal of Hotness' first multi-author novella. Click the links to read Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five and Part Six to catch up on the story!

To Ryan's complete shock, Steele eyes lit up when they saw him and God help him, his boss' little dick grew. A centimeter. He wasn't looking of course. It just sort of...caught his eye because Steele's cock looked a little like a grub worm except not as ribbed or wiggly. Then he realized he was staring at it again. And he swore it waved. No, that wasn't a wave, it was Steele walking ever closer with his undersized junk hanging out. Antoinette's eyes were wide and startled, but the horrified shock began to wear off when she saw Ryan's reaction.

"Are you here to watch?," Steele asked as his hand came up to stroke his...grub worm. That was the only comparison Ryan could make because it definitely wasn't a cock. "Here to see me give this gorgeous woman the kind of orgasm you only read about in books and erotic spoofs?"

"Um." Yeah, he'd like to see Steele try. Ryan had been married to her for years, dated her for longer than that, was toting around a solid ten inches of cock and had the kind of oral skills that he'd learned from that sex class she made him take a few years ago and he still couldn't get her off all that easily. If his boss thought that tiny cock was going to make Antoinette come harder than she ever had before...Hell yeah, he'd like to see it.

"Sure," he said with a confident smile. "Let's see what you got, boss man."

Steele flashed a grin at Ryan and turned on his heel to face Antoinette again.

"My dear," he called holding a hand out to her.

She sashayed over, gorgeous body flashing at them and leaving Ryan rock hard all over again. He could really use a pair of her underwear right about now, the thought of finally getting one up over his boss was that sexy.

Antoinette slid her hand into Steele's and the minute their skin touched, her eyes widened again and the air in the atmosphere of the bathroom changed.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hotness Happens~Part Six

It's time for Part 6 of our novella! Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Part 4 is here. And Part 5 is here.
Ryan watched as Antoinette crooked her finger at his boss and spread her legs, inviting him to fuck her right there on the bathroom counter. But the most surprising part of it all was the rush of blood to his cock. He didn’t think he’d like to see another man fucking his wife, but his cock said otherwise.
Shit. He really was a sick fuck. If wearing women’s underwear was only the beginning, the end might be a little scary.
“Come here big boy.” Antoinette cooed and Ryan could hear his bosses footsteps come closer, until he could see the man grinning at his wife, undressing her with his eyes. Not that she was wearing much clothing, mostly a bra and those silky underwear that were the cause of all this.
The fact that he still wanted to touch them, wanted the silky softness rubbing against his cock right now just proved how messed up he really was.
His dick jerked a little and the cock ring tightened painfully.
“Why yes I will.”  Steele said in what he probably thought was a sexy growl. Sounded more like he was constipated or something.
Ryan wasn’t surprised that Steele would jump right on her. He’d heard the rumors, knew Steele had a reputation as a sex addict and that getting a job as a secretary here required a lot of extracurricular activities. But this was his wife, not some bimbo that wouldn’t last more than two weeks at the company before she was replaced by someone new.
Antoinette didn’t waste any time, she pulled Steele in for a kiss and her hands went straight for his zipper. Damn, he didn’t know if he could let this happen, let his wife fuck his boss, but he wasn’t really in any position to stop it even if he wanted to. If Ryan stepped out of this stall, if he said anything, he would probably piss off his wife and definitely lose his job.
Antoinette moaned as she kissed Steele and pushed his pants and underwear down to the floor, but underneath it all was the biggest surprise of all. Steele had the smallest penis Ryan had ever seen. It was barely even an outie.
There was no way Antoinette was going to let him touch her with that thing.
Ryan blinked a couple times, thinking he might be hallucinating, that a man couldn’t really have a penis that small, especially the same man who bragged in staff meetings about the enormousness of his cock.
“I…um...” Antoinette hesitated.
Oh God he hoped she didn’t say anything like fucking Steele was going to be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway...or even worse, laugh at him.
Antoinette didn’t hold things back. Steele didn’t know she was his wife, but he could find out someday and that would be very bad for his career. Ryan held his breath and closed his eyes, but then he lost his balance a little, fell into the wall of the stall and it made a little thumping sound.
It wasn’t loud, but Steele and Antoinette both turned their heads his direction and he knew he was screwed. And not in the literal way he was hoping for just a few minutes ago.
Sky Robinson
~Add a little sexy to your day~

Friday, August 16, 2013

Story Time, PART 5!

It's time for Part 5 of our novella! Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. And part 4 is here.

I'm going to go ahead and title our little serial novella here.... 

~~Hotness Happens~~

Ryan gaped at Antoinette.

She leaned casually against the frame of a bathroom stall, wearing the unbelievably sexy lingerie set Ryan had bought for her last Valentine's Day. The one she'd been pissed at him for buying. The one he'd begged her to wear for him. And the one she'd never worn before.

She smirked, knowing Ryan thought this was all for him. Silly man—he thought he had the upper hand. He should know better by now. Did he really think she'd reward him for his behavior?

No. She had something else in mind entirely.

Knowing they had a few minutes, she stood there, letting him devour her with his gaze, his eyes lingering over her breasts, which were covered (if you could call it that) with a thin, sheer fabric, her nipples clearly visible. Her bare, trim abdomen led to silk panties...exactly like the pair he'd ruined. But what really brought the outfit to orgasm-on-the-spot level were the fishnet stockings and fuck-me pumps she'd bought that morning, just for the occasion. 

Antoinette let him marinate for a minute in the carnal vision she knew she made. She was wet just thinking about what she'd planned. Her revenge was going to be so damn sweet.

She sauntered forward, heels clicking on the marble. Ryan reached out for her but she brushed past him to reach into her purse. Clutching the small treasure she'd extracted from it, she ordered him into the bathroom stall she'd been hiding in, and he complied. She'd gone in there to make sure the stall had a good view of the sink, and hot damn if it didn't have a great view.

"Drop your pants, you sick fuck." Ryan complied immediately, almost blushing. She cocked her head, studying his large dick. "Hard already? It's a good thing this has snaps." She held up the black leather cock ring and Ryan's eyes widened.

"What's that for?" he stammered.

"It's to keep your nasty ways under control until you've learned your lesson." She knelt in front of him and reached between his legs, tucking each of his balls into the first ring and tightening it before pulling his now-bound scrotum up so she could snap the other strap snugly around his erection.

“Damn that’s tight,” he whispered. “I’m not sure if I can come with that thing on, baby, and we can’t take too long—my boss could walk in any minute!”

Antoinette smiled sweetly, walking her fingers up the underside of his erect penis, harder now due to the pressure exerted by the cock ring. She leaned forward, pressing her full lips to the mushroom head of his dick in a soft kiss before dropping her bomb.

“Keeping you from coming is exactly the point. And don't worry baby, your boss is already on his way in. I texted him earlier with a naked picture of me and a request to meet me in here. I knew he'd be game after all the stories you told me about him being such a playboy.”

“Wha—??! Antoinette, what the fuck? You can’t—you aren’t really gonna—!”

“Shhh.” She stood up and placed her finger on his lips. “I really. Am. Gonna.” She drew the words out, mocking him. “Because if you get to force your fantasy on me, then I get to force mine on you. And who knows. You just might like it.”

“But it’s my boss! It’s…humiliating.”

“That’s sorta the idea, baby. But he doesn’t actually know who I am so he won't know there’s any connection to you. He thinks I’m just a white-collar groupie. He’s rich, handsome, a powerful CEO. I'm sure I'm not the first to offer myself.”

“And what am I supposed to do? Participate??”

“No, silly.” She put a hand to his chest and shoved him further back into the dark stall, oversized for the pampered executives. “You stay in this stall in the shadows and you watch through the gap in the door while your hot boss fucks me senseless on that counter.” She pointed to the sink and Ryan made a sound somewhere between a squeak and a whine, his eyes huge. “And Ryan—” she stepped forward, wrapping her hand around his cock and giving it a hard squeeze. “You'd better not even think of orgasming until your boss has emptied his hot cum into your wife’s tight pussy. Got it?”

Now Ryan moaned, a sound that could have been misery or rising ecstasy. She couldn't tell, and frankly, she didn't care.

Backing out of the closet-like structure, she blew him a kiss as she pulled the door nearly closed behind her. “I'd advise you not make a sound, honey. No matter what goes on out here. And once I have these new silk panties covered in your boss’s cum, we'll see what you have the urge to do with them then.”

Just then the air pressure in the room shifted as a soft whoosh announced the entry door to the executive lavatory had been opened from the hallway. Antoinette rushed to the sink, leaned back against it and fluffed her hair, pasting a sultry smile on her lips. She heard the distinct sound of a lock being slid shut on the heavy outer door. Good, she thought. He is game.

Her heart felt like it was going to thud right out of her chest as she watched the inner bathroom door swing open to reveal her visitor…the man she intended to fuck in front of her kinky husband.


Ooooh I can't wait to see where we take this next!!! It's like the dirtiest relay race ever! *hands off baton and collapses in exhaustion*

I gave it my all folks. :) Happy Friday! Go get some this weekend, bitches!! 

Kisses & licks,


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cabal Story part Four!

This month the Cabal is posting a story...but you wouldn't expect a regular story from US, would yah? Nope...we're each writing a bit, so no one knows WHERE this'll go! The first part is here and the second part is here. And part three is here. Below is part four!

Ryan was hard. She had a way of doing that do him even when she was pissed. In fact, when angry, she was so much more exciting. He maybe one sick fuck, but Antoinette came a close second. Shit his balls ached and his dick was near to bursting.

He smiled. She thought she had the upper hand but it was he that had orchestrated this whole game. Grovelling into the phone had been hard, but necessary.

He made his way through the maze of cubicles to the management offices and the executive bathroom. It was risky, but the reward could be worth it. He strode like he had purpose and after a quick glance up and down the opulent hall, he opened the outer door, slipped inside and closed it quietly behind him.
A smile curved his lips when he heard heels clicking on the marble floor inside the restroom. Those definitely weren’t Gucci loafers. She was inside and up to something.

Ryan pushed the door open, and with a soft whoosh it shut behind him. He turned and gazed around. Empty except for a bag on the counter by the sink. He held his breath and tip toed over to it. He felt like a dumb ass walking so stealthily but something made him hold his breath, as if he were waiting for the boogey man to jump out at him.

Reaching his hand out, he fingered the zipper and pulled. It let go like gun shots in the quiet room, stepping closer he leaned over to look inside when the slam of a door scared the crap out of him. He jumped and spun around trying to figure out how he would explain his presence in this room that was off limits to office staff.

“Holy fuck!” He choked and his eyes bugged out of his head. Ryan couldn’t decide if he was going straight to hell or on the first flight to heaven.

Oh, I wonder what happened? Stay tuned....

Monday, August 12, 2013

Cabal Story Part 3

This month the Cabal is posting a story...but you wouldn't expect a regular story from US, would yah? Nope...we're each writing a bit, so no one knows WHERE this'll go! The first part is here and the second part is here. And here's part three!

“Baby, please…” He was barely whispering, and Antoinette really, really wanted to make Ryan shout, so all his friends could hear their conversation. “I’ll do anything you want.”

Ooo…she had the sick little fucker now. If he could live out his fantasies, ruining a perfectly good pair of silk panties and almost choking her to death in the process, it was only fair she got the same chance. “Anything?”

“Anything!” He was grovelling nicely, but she’d make him grovel even more by the time she was done. “I’ll do whatever you want. Just don’t leave me.”

“Huh.” She pretended to think, waiting until she stepped out of the elevator on his floor before continuing. “Okay, if you mean it, go to the executive bathroom.”


She had to stop herself from laughing out loud, and made her voice low and mean as she repeated, “Go to the executive bathroom—NOW.”


He’d told her hardly anyone used the executive bathroom, afraid the boss would catch them, so she’d picked that as the rendezvous point. After taking a peek to make sure no one was at the urinal, she slipped into the men’s room, laid the bag she’d been carrying beside the sink and hid in one of the cubicles.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next... :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Cabal Story- pt 2

Story Time!!! Pull up a chair, grab a drink and listen up. LOL

This month we're doing something really fun! We're telling a story. Each of us will be adding a paragraph or two to the ongoing story. The fun in that? None of us know what's going to happen. It's going to get wild!

You can check out part one HERE...

*clears throat* Here's the next piece of the story....

"You aren't going to make me say it now, are you? Please baby, I'm at work." He lowered his voice to a whisper. "The guys are going to hear."

She grinned and knew it held a hint or four of evil intent. "I don't care. If you want me to forgive you then you better start explaining what you did."

He sighed. "I'm sorry that I masturbated using your special silky underwear and then wore them around the house."

She waited. The next part is what had her furious. When the silence between them stretched too long she prompted him, forcing herself to loosen the grip on her phone. "And?"

"And I'm sorry that I put them in your mouth when you were sleeping." Embarrassment clung to every word.

She took a deep breath to calm the anger boiling in her guts. Her vindication was at hand. "Ryan. What are you going to do to make this up to me? You're a sick fuck but I'm okay with that. You owe me something here, though. This is beyond anything you've done before. So, what are you going to do to fix this?"

I'm handing off the story from here... I can't wait to see what Ryan comes up with. LOL
~Lea (aka Geeky Hotness)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cabal Story Month

Welcome to August!

This month on The Cabal we're giving you lovelies a very special treat - A Story! But this won't be just any old regular story, nope. We're each going to add a paragraph or two to the story as the month progresses. By the end of the month we should have a true spoof worthy tale that we have shared with you.


Antoinette thrummed her fingers against her knee impatiently. Her other hand had a death grip on her cell phone, holding it up to her ear. What she really wanted to do was throw it across the room, where it would hit the wall and hopefully shatter into a million pieces. It would cost her dearly to get a new one, but at least until then she wouldn’t have to listen to Ryan’s constant begging for her forgiveness.

“Baby, please it won't happen again,” he whined.

She needed to have him say it—admit it openly. “Do what again?”
(moves to the edge of my seat. What exactly did he do? Hmmm, we'll have to wait to find out!)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ideas - the bane and lifeblood of every writer's existence

It's funny - I rarely remember exactly where I got the specific ideas for my books. They come from so many places. Some pop into my head as I'm writing the book and others are stewing in there for weeks or months. Additionally, if I was smart (and sometimes I am!) I might've written down the idea to get it out of my head.

Some writers are plagued with too many ideas and not enough time. I'm one of those. Others are plagued by the opposite problem - they finish a book and then say "Uhhhh, what next?" But no matter which camp you fall into, your ideas, or as they're known in writing circles, your "high concepts", can make or break your career.

When I decided to write about bull riders, I tried to come up with a unique angle. Other, more well-known authors were already writing about them and I didn't want people to pick up my book, roll their eyes and put it back down. I've mentioned this before but perhaps not here, so I'll go over the story behind my bull rider books again.

Collision, book 2 in the series, was originally book 1. I thought about the idea of two athletes together, but wanted to do something different than, say, a female barrel racer and a male bull rider. I wanted people from two different worlds. How about a figure skater and a bull rider? Bingo! And Collision was born. I wrote Impact, which became book 1 of the series, right after Collision, and honestly, my high concept wasn't as unique. But my readers seem to like the book, so I must've done something right. I have a feeling Conner, the hero, has a lot to do with that. Tall, dark, and smoldering. Yum.

The idea for my most recent release, On Display, didn't even come from me. Picture the scene: Ellora's Cave Romanticon conference, October, 2012. Just in case you don't know, Ellora's Cave hires hot guys to pose for their covers exclusively. They're called Cavemen, and let's just say they can be intimidating when you first meet them. Not because they're not friendly -- they are -- but because these guys are MELT YOU INTO A PUDDLE AT THEIR FEET GORGEOUS.

You can see where that might be frightening. But being the brave little soldier I am, I walked into the meet and greet Thursday night armed with an icebreaker question... "Tell me about something I can put in a book." Well, one particular Caveman, David, told me about two things, both of which are now in books. The first thing was a sexual position and ended up in Velocity, book 4 of my bull rider series, and the cover David is on. Yes, I knew that he'd be my cover model when I wrote the scene with the position he told me about. I ain't no dummy. It's called inspiration. ;-)

The other idea was a little more vague. He mentioned an encounter he'd had in the past against a semi-private fence. That idea festered, and I do mean festered, in my brain for months. Finally I knew I needed to get it out of there since it wouldn't leave me alone. These wonderful, irritating ideas are called plot bunnies. They're like an earworm, only an idea rather than a song. And they can drive a writer crazy. So I wrote On Display, which features a sex scene against a semi-private fence. I think I'm going to have to buy David a drink at this year's Romanticon. Hmmm, maybe he'll give me more ideas if I do...