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Monday, February 11, 2013

In the Moment

I used to be someone that had to have everything planned. Right down to the dot. Over the last 10 years (since my divorce) that has all changed. I try to roll with it, go with the flow, take each day as it comes. It can be hard at times but I have learned that usually the best times are spontaneous ones. It was a hard thing to do - not hang on too tight to anything. Meat Man had a lot to do with this new outlook :)
Right now, I'm south, on North Captiva Island. This trip was planned about two weeks ago and a lot of little hurdles kept us on our toes. Even the huge snowstorm we had in Ontario and through to the coast caused havoc. Our flight was cancelled twice but we finally got out. Even best laid plans get screwed up.
2013? What I'm looking forward to? The only thing planned right now is Romanticon in October. I'm definitely looking forward to that.
AND, I hope there will be more books, more sales, news on a couple of projects. Three releases will be coming up for me over the next month or so. I love new releases.
But for now, this week, I'm enjoying each sunny day that comes and will wish for sun and no rain.
Honey Hotness, out.

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