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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Ahoy!

2012 was a weird year for me and my family. The highs were stratospheric, the lows catastrophic. It was, in Dickens’ words, “the best of times. It was the worst of times.” So what am I looking forward to this year? Would it be a cop-out to say “Peace and Quiet”? Yeah, like that’s gonna happen, especially having joined the Cabal of Hotness…there isn’t anything peaceful or quiet about this lot. So, ruling that out, here’s my personal list of what I hope/plan/wish for in 2013.
I want to see the Fondled & Gobbled series enjoyed by lots of people. There are some crazy-funny people writing the shorts for these books, and I think they’re hilarious.
 In the hope/plan category, I want to have a few more books written and accepted for publication. At least two, maybe three more in my Unveiled Seductions series, plus some other works already underway.
Continued growth in my editing business, Grammar Goggles, would be awesome too, since editing is right up there in my “favorite things” category and I’m meeting some of the most amazing writers doing it too. I’m pleased with how well it’s already doing, but have started dreaming of quitting the EDJ to be able to concentrate fully on writing related work.
I may, MAY, dip my toes in the turbulent waters of self-publishing, but the books I have in mind need the kind of extensive editing other people hire me to do nowadays, so I may not have the time right now. You know how it is, the shoemaker’s children never have good shoes…
RomantiCon 2013, bay-bee. Cavemen and readers and the awesome Cabalites and Cavemen and other authors and Cavemen. Oh, and what about those Cavemen? If Rodney’s there I just might turn back into the shy, blushing girl I was at twelve…

I think that’s a lot, really, for a person who tries desperately not to plan too far ahead, despite knowing it’s one of those traits grownups are supposed to cultivate. I never really had much ambition to be a grownup but it’s been thrust upon me *sigh* so I might as well add some fun to the plan…like Cavemen.
Did I mention Cavemen?

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