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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Please Don't Strand me on a Desert Island!

Recently I’ve found myself longing for a simpler life, picturing myself in a small cottage by the sea or in the hills, balmy breezes coming through the window to ruffle my sarong as I sit at my desk writing. The tiny kitchen is just sufficient for whipping up tasty meals made from local produce, and internet radio provides the backdrop to my life, giving me the variety of music I need to keep sane.

I’m thinking you’re starting to see the problem…

My fantasies of a nice, quiet, peaceful existence always start out small and simple, but then expand. Me, the Hubster and a few dogs in a small, one bed cottage. Then I want an office and the cottage gets bigger. Soon I start wondering where the kids will stay when they come to visit, how many dogs I really can have in the small space, etc. etc.

I don’t think I’m really cut out to live simply, when you get right down to it.

So, we come down to the question at hand… what five things would I have to have to survive on a deserted island. Ugh. That’s incredibly difficult to even contemplate.

I’d want the husband, because he likes to fish and is pretty handy. I guess any man with the same attributes would do, but I’m really attached to the one I have, so I’d pick him.

A dog. Yep, I need at least one dog. They’re the ultimate companions and friends and just have the ability to make my heart sing. If I’m gonna be stranded, I want to be stranded with a dog. I’ll train it to chase the lizards/iguanas away, if there are any on the island, ’cause I just can’t stand those mo-fos.

Something to write on and with. A computer with a never-ending source of power, umpteen pads of paper and pens that don’t run dry—something, anything to get the voices out of my head and onto the page.

Food. Of all different kinds—like a magic crate that when you dip your hand into it you come out with something unexpected. I’m a foodie and the thought of living solely on fish and coconuts is enough to make me want to lose my mind.

Music. I’ll give up TV and movies in a heartbeat but I’d need some way to be able to hear music, and preferably not just what I have on my MP3 player right now. I love hearing new songs, discovering new types of music and previously unknown-to-me artists. Without that I may just go a little insane.

So that’s my list—man, dog, writing implements, food and music. I know it’s a cheater list, but hey, it’s my desert island and I can furnish it however I want!


  1. It does get complicated, doesn't it? What starts out as a "this sounds like a really great idea" turns into "OMG, What did we sign up for?" Or at least that's how everything I'm involved in evolves LOL

  2. I think we are too used to complex to be able to go simple these days. But a nice sized beach house, with whatever kind of rooms needed, a never ending supply of power for lights, air conditioning, laptop(s), and some kind a music devise. Local fruits and vegetables that just appear when needed, along with fish, chicken and whatever else is wanted. And a companion and maybe a cat or two.