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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Desert Island or Dessert Island

I guess a dessert island would be fattening. One can dream though. I guess if I was stranded on a deserted island I would want to have a survival kit stocked to the gills with everything I need to survive.

 No, I don't need a volleyball as my companion because I'd have my DH with me. I was a Girl Guide and he was a Boy Scout. We'd make that deserted island our BITCH.

 Moving on.

 So presuming the survival kit has everything including canned food I would want solar powered TV with my extensive DVD collection. Hey, which reminds me The Hobbit came out today, must buy.

 Writing implements, like paper and pens.

 Board games would be sweet.

Solar powered radio and generator would be KICK ASS too. And a bed. A nice comfortable bed.

 Sun all the time, cause I hate snow y'all. I know, I know I'm Canadian ...but I frakking hate SNOW. I'm not made for snow. Now, I'm rambling. I hope I don't get stuck on a deserted island any time soon. I'd sooner settle for a ranch house in the west and it would be summer all year long.

Aaaah. Montana, now if you only didn't get snow you'd be my paradise. This is a pic on the way to Great Falls Montana in June 2012. From my epic road trip this summer. :)



  1. Okay, you need to get out of my head. I mentioned the desert/dessert thing too

  2. I too hate the snow, the only place I have found the weather to my liking was San Diego but WAY to many people. I grew up out West and I agree Montana is beautiful so is Wyoming Idaho and Utah but alas they all get tons of snow. I would love to find either a desert or a dessert island LOL

  3. Yes, the snow is the downside to Montana & Wyoming. Same with South Dakota.

    Danica, that's really weird. Are you like my southern twin or something?