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Monday, March 11, 2013

Deserted Island

So what's the first thing you think of? Deserted island. For me its Bugs Bunny and Castaway, then when I think of Castaway all sorts of tropical movies spring to mind. Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson - so loved their tree house by the way, Pirates of the Caribbean and all those wonderful pirate stories I devoured when I was young and impressionable.

To be on a deserted islands sounds romantic and lovely, but honestly it would be a bitch. No food, no bug spray, no internet, no toilet paper, no batteries for the toys. Sounds like a list doesn't it ;)

I love the water, beach, sun, palm trees and everything that goes along with it. I've had the good fortune to do a lot of traveling *pre-kids* and now *empty nest*. My all time favorite destination was the South Pacific. Waaaay back in 1985 I traveled with the (ex shhh) to Tahiti, Moorea, Cook Islands, Fiji and Hawaii. I have over 500 slide to prove the trip and they are still in slide format. They need to be scanned so I can revisit those lovely places. A close 2nd to the SP is North Captiva Island in Florida. Meat Man surprised me with a trip there in February for my birthday. Numerous Caribbean beach sand has covered my toes, as well as some stony beaches in England and Europe. Okay, so getting the travel bug right now

With all that background of travel I'd have to say my list of 5 things to have on a desert island is - drum roll puh-lease......
  1.  net - to be used for fishing and over my bed
  2. Burt's Bees lip balm - I so hate dry lips
  3. Survival Kit with everything I'd need, like matches, first aid, pots, solar blanket, a few tools, bug spray, water purifying tablets, tarps, rain gear, compass, flare gun.  I know this is a cheater catch all but what the hell.
  4.  batteries - What? For the flashlight you dirty minded person you :)
  5. Canned food.

Now as a parallel, I asked Meat Man what he would bring:

  1. satellite phone
  2. satellite tv
  3. satellite radio
  4. lots of canned food w/ can opener
  5. sleeping bag
  6. pot
So now he's trying to cut stuff out so he can add in an axe to cut wood so he can have a fire. I asked him how he'd light that fire and he wants a magnifying glass now. So he's further cutting out the satellite radio and the phone. He then said what the hell I have a phone I can just call someone in for all the stuff and no longer be deserted. LOL A man's mind at work.

What would you bring?

My most recent release with Sybarite Seductions. a quickie hot story about wild, spontaneous, stranger sex.  It's a double point of view book. We get her story, his - oh did I mention he's a hot cop? and then you can get both stories in one book called No Toys Tonight - An Adventure Twice Told

No Toys Tonight 

Girls’ night out at a male strip club, at first Fiona thought it was just what she needed to let her hair down and go wild. But when things get a little bit out of hand, she bolts, right into the car of a very sexy-voiced cabby. Or so she thinks.
Nearly blinded by the blowing dust, it takes her a few moments to realize she’s stumbled into the backseat of a police car. When she discovers the cop is just as sexy as his voice, her inner wild child begs to come out and play.

No Toys Tonight—Off Duty 

After a rough work day, all off-duty cop Reid wants is pizza, beer and to watch football. But fate has other plans for him. Outside a strip club a gorgeous beauty flags him down and his sense of duty makes him stop.
Despite a case of mistaken identity, Reid can’t help but be attracted to the woman in his backseat, and when she propositions him, he’s unable to resist the call to duty.
“Holy shit, you’re a cop.”

“Am I? Hadn’t noticed.”

Fiona couldn’t look away from him and her tongue was tied. He smiled and the cutest dimple creased into his cheek. Her finger itched to reach out and trace it. He was one hot dude. “I-I’m sorry. I was blinded by the dust and thought you were cab.” She glanced around. This wasn’t a normal cop car. It was plush almost, a comfy sedan with fabric seats and darkened windows. “Umm, this doesn’t look like a cop car.”

“It’s a detective vehicle. Unmarked.” He was still driving and she caught his look in the rear view. “So, what are you plans for the rest of the night?”

Did he just ask her out? Go with it Fiona. Go with it.

She put on the best seductive smile she could muster and said the first thing that came to her mind. “I’ve been a very bad girl and need to be punished.”
He didn’t say a thing. Just stared at her. Oh god, had she just gotten herself arrested as a hooker or something? But when his mouth quirked into a smile, she knew it was okay. Fiona sighed and leaned back on the seat, rubbing her palm over the fabric, thankful it wasn’t a police cruiser with sticky, plastic seats.

So then, what do you think comes next? I hope you liked the blurb and want to read more.

Be bad…you might like it.
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  1. I like your Survival Kit! I would have to have one like it.
    A change of clothes.
    Solar powered charger of some kind.
    My Kindle.
    Hubby. Although I'm more the outdoor person than he is! LOL!

    1. We have it all organized don't we! LOL

  2. I would definitely want a survival kit, with matches, bug spray, sunscreen, advil, bandaids and the other usual things. Comfortable bedding, like pillows blanket, mosquito screen. Fishing tools, and woodchopping tools. A companion so I wouldn't get lonely. And either my kindle and a way to recharge it, or my 50 boxes of unread books.
    I'd love to have visited Tahiti, it sounds wonderful.

    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

    1. Tahiti was lovely as were the other islands too. A trip I'd love to do again.