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Monday, March 18, 2013

My Island

So, I’m sitting here thinking about this month’s topic, five things you would want with you if you were stranded on an island, and I realize that I am way too sensible for my own good. I mean, the first two things I thought of were a fishing pole and some kind of shelter.  A sexy naked man didn’t make the list until number four. Number four! What the hell kind of smutty romance author leaves out the sexy man until number four? I mean, he barely made the list. And then I added another sexy man, and realized maybe I do still qualify for this role.

And then after I struggled with what and who I would take for twenty minutes, I remembered I’ve already written the book. Bermuda Triangle is about a woman and two very sexy men who crash onto an island and are stranded there. And conveniently, the island wasn’t always uninhabited, but has the necessities and a few comforts to make it so survival isn’t so hard and they have plenty of time and energy for other activities.

So I’ll leave you with a sexy excerpt from Bermuda Triangle.



Paige looked over to catch Dalton pulling down his underwear.

“What are you doing?” She stared at him with her mouth wide open, trying to keep herself from staring down at his cock dangling out there for the world to see.

“You’re offended by a little skinny dipping?” He grinned, unconcerned that his entire body was naked, gleaming in the sunlight for her to see.

“No. I’m…” It wasn’t like his underwear left a lot to the imagination anyway, but getting naked with this man was definitely not a good idea.

“It’s just you and me, and I’ll look the other way until you get in if you want.” His eyes taunted her. “You don’t want to be walking around in soggy clothes for the rest of the day.”

It wasn’t like she was real modest, and he was right. She didn’t want to be soggy for the rest of the day. “Yeah, you’re probably right. Turn around.”

Dalton turned away and climbed down into the pool as Paige stripped off her clothes and quickly climbed into the water. The cool wetness engulfed her naked skin and caused her nipples to come to attention. At least she told herself it was the water and not the fact that Dalton was completely naked just a few feet from her.

He swam gracefully over to the waterfall, muscles bulging and water gleaming off them with every stroke. He stood up and the water level was right at his waist, hiding his cock from her view, and Paige didn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed. Dalton leaned back into the flowing water, letting it rush over his head and run down his sexy six-pack abs, looking like something straight out of a movie. A really damn good movie.

“Do you know how to swim?” he asked as he moved his hands to his head, pushing the hair and water away from his eyes.

“Yes.” One word answers were going to be the only thing Paige could come up with him over there looking so sexy and causing heat to rush to her core.

“Swim over here then.” His sexy voice tempted her.

Paige pushed off her smooth rock perch and swam across to where Dalton stood. Most of the pool was shallow enough she could touch the bottom, but she swam anyway. It was a good way to make sure her breasts were hidden from his view. Paige submerged completely for the last couple of feet of the swim. Water from the falls splashed her face when she emerged next to Dalton.

She bobbed under the water again and resurfaced on the other side of him, away from the waterfall. It was shallow enough there that she sat on the rock edge with the water safely up to her neck.

Dalton moved to sit beside Paige and she instinctively brought an arm up to cover her breasts. It was dumb. He didn’t seem to mind being naked in front of her, but the water was clear and she was feeling self-conscious.

“You don’t need to hide from me, Paige. You have a beautiful body, but I won’t touch you unless you want me to.” He reached a hand to her face and tilted her head to force her to look into his eyes.

His face was inches from hers and Paige’s heart started to pitter. Stupid uncontrollable emotions. She needed to guard herself from this man.

Dalton moved his lips down to Paige’s but stopped before touching her, giving her the chance to move away. She should move away, it was the smart thing, the decent thing, but her body didn’t budge. He took it as an invitation and pressed his lips to hers softly, but with a hunger for more. She parted her lips, let his tongue explore her slowly, sensually as the water lapped around her body. Tongues tangled and the pulsing sensation in her crotch intensified.

“Do you want me to touch you, Paige?” He looked into her eyes and waited.

She couldn’t say no. That would be a complete lie. Her core tingled for him. She shouldn’t say yes either.

When she didn’t answer, he took it as a yes again, pulling her into the deeper water, against him for another kiss. This time he was more aggressive, full of passion as Dalton wrapped his arms around Paige’s naked flesh.

His hard-on pressed against her belly and heat shot to her pussy. The cool water wasn’t enough to stop the need. She wanted Dalton’s hard cock between her legs, thrusting into her heat and wetness until she couldn’t take any more.

Sky Robinson
~Add a little sexy to your day~


  1. I never thought about putting 2 men on my list of what to have if stranded on an island. Two could be, um, handy. LOL!

  2. Two is always better than one :)

  3. A sexy man might not have made your list until #4 but adding another one at #5 is priceless. You go girl!!!