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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sticky Sweet on Honey Hotness

Honey Hotness checking in. Yep that’s me. I’ll be here on the Cabal blog the 2nd Monday of each month. Same bat time, same bat channel – oh oh, did that give away my age? How many folk remember that expression? 

You may be wondering how we all got our own unique Cabal names? Maybe some have shared or not, but I’ll bet you could work it out of us. That is if you want to. Maybe if you corner one of us at Romanticon this year, coerced us somehow, we might give it up.  Or, ply us with drinks, which could work a little better as we might like the coercion a little bit too much. Rest assured, The Cabal of Hotness will be in full force at the conference this year.

Oh, did I mention I’m also an Angel? That name was bestowed upon all of us in the stable of my Ellora’s Cave editor, Grace. I lurve her. She is my girl crush. So not only am I Honey Hotness, I’m an Angel too *blinks innocently* This pic is yours truly and taken at Romanticon12 - not the best angle of the Angel, but it'll do. Notice the angel wings? So do angel wings and hot, sticky honey go together?

I am a mama, of two early twenty something, gorgeous men. Wow, weird to think of my baby boys as men, but they certainly are. Yes, I love my offspring dearly, they know what I write and haven’t asked to read anything. They could find it if they really wanted to and I'm glad they don't. They tell me they don’t want to know the sexual workings of their mother’s mind. But they do hope I get rich. So do I but I’m not holding my breath lol.

It’s quite possible, I’m the Cabal matriarch. Remember though, being older also means wiser, experienced, and .... best leave it at that I think. Find me at Romanticon and we can discuss this in deeper detail. If you’re a Caveman, come on over big boy.
Who belongs to this back?

January 4 my tenth book came out. Plus One with Ellora’s Cave. A smexy ménage which took some research to get the details right. If you want to know what kind of research, you gotta read the book.  I do believe my editor was a little O_o when she read it. I’m also published with Sybarite Seductions and Lyrical Press. My books are contemporary that should please the foodie, cowboy lover, threesome dreamer and the naughty of bdsm, voyeurism, and femdom. 

The Cabal has a flurry of great books with great authors coming up. I’m thrilled to be part of such an awesome group of authors. We met at Romanticon12 and realized there was a unique specialness to us all. We came together and stuck...yes like sticky honey :)  My contribution is in Fondled and Gobbled: Going Back for Seconds. Keep ‘em Coming. In my story, a certain Ellora's Cave Caveman was my inspiration for one of the characters. Can you tell who he is by looking at the pic above? The next anthology I hope will have my dream lover story in it. So stay tuned.

By-the-by...I totally agree with Bootay Hotness that ice is best in a glass of rum rather than underfoot. 

Here's a snippet from Keep em' Coming:

Ravyn’s head was spinning. She had used her boobs to get on stage and now she stood here in her bra and tight jeans about the get a lap dance. Penis. Cock. Schlong. Dong. Dick. Oh god...Cockzilla! would be dangled, wiggled and flapped in her face. Could she survive it?
Yes, she would. The penis is her friend.
Steve and Nick prowled up to her and she swore she could hear them growl low in their throats. Ravyn purred and stared back at them, her dark hair falling over her face. She began to tremble and the closer they got to her the more she shook with anticipation. Within seconds she was meat in a man sandwich.


For a taste of Plus One, my most recent release....here's a temptation:

A girls’ night out for a pole dance workshop at her friend’s upscale sex club takes a wild turn for normally timid Karen. She knew what to expect, but not how far she’d be willing to go.
Rob comes to Desire After Dark as a plus one. His only expectation is visual stimulation, not participation. But that soon changes when he spots the buttoned-up-to-there beauty hanging around on the sidelines.
Thrown together, Karen and Rob find the sexual heat between them undeniable. Surrounded by twosomes and moresomes, they step on an unexpected and steamy path. But when another joins in, they have a plus one of their own.
An Exotika ® erotica story from Ellora’s Cave


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  1. I definitely know who that is since I spent most of the first night staring at the crack of his butt. What? It was RIGHT there!

    1. Maybe we were drooling over him together! I couldn't pull my eyes off his err...back.

  2. Keep em' Coming sounds good. Thanks for sharing the snippet,now I want to read it even more than before :)
    I read Plus One the other day,loved it (You know I love all your books)

    Now,I will go back and read more of this great new blog.

    1. Aww, thanks Elaing8 :) I'm glad you loved Plus One, yay! and I know you'll love Keep 'em Coming too!

  3. I distracted by crack. Apparently I'm a junkie. ;-)

    1. You and me both...wheres the straw. Just think, you'll be seeing all this first hand in about oh...9 months.

  4. I've been drooling over the caveman above. LOL. Great post, honey. And why didn't I think to take a pic of my wings when I was wearing them?

    1. Kelli took the pic and sent it to Grace, who then sent it back to me.
      We will be doing more wings this year too. Cassandra and I have a together boobage shot too, need to find it.
      ya, this caveman is very drool worthy *wipes chin*

  5. I"m finally here. Couldn't get in at the edj. Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  6. Sorry, Cristal--just giggling at the sticky sweetness ;) All this heat confused my brain ;p

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  7. Having such a hard time tearing my gaze from that picture. My bad! And why didn't I think to take a picture from that angle? And I also know who it belongs to.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  8. Great shot of the Caveman...

    And awesome excerpts! I see two downloads in my future!
    authorjennaowens @ gmail . com

  9. Oh wow....had to wipe the drool away They both sound awesome!!!