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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bootay Hotness slides in sideways

Hey, I'm Jamaican. We work to our own schedule!!

No, really, sorry I'm late and, to make up for it, here's full disclosure—

Come closer, ’cause I’m going to whisper…

I’m the only sane one here.

You don’t believe me??? Dammit, who’s been spilling the beans? *narrowly eyes the rest of the Cabal*

Okay, I guess that won’t fly, so I better introduce myself properly. I’m Bootay Hotness, a.k.a Anya Richards; not-so-mild mannered law clerk during the day, weaver of erotic stories and freelance editor at night, all-round big-butted miscreant, unabashed humanist, potty-mouth and nosy Parker. I love animals (with the exception of reptiles), have a head full of often useless trivia (Jeopardy anyone??), a penchant for history and a highly developed sense of both the sublime and the ridiculous. I try to remember to find the beauty in something or someone, somewhere, every day and it isn’t that hard when you try. One of my favorite things is laughter, whether it’s as a result of something on TV, a remark someone makes or from falling on my ass in the snow.

And, yeah, that last one happens quite a bit, as should be expected when you take a tropical girl and drop her in Ontario, Canada. I keep reminding myself it could be much worse…it could’ve been the Northwest Territories…but I still haven’t mastered winter navigation. Any civilized person will tell you ICE belongs in a glass with RUM, not underfoot.

My books and stories range from historical to fantasy, contemporary to paranormal to steampunk—yeah I’m a gadfly—and I've been published with Samhain, Ellora's Cave and Spice Briefs. But although the stories are all over the genre spectrum they share a couple of key components. I write about the internal journeys of people (or gods, fey, trolls, dragons, as the case may be) learning to accept themselves so as to accept love, and each and every book is HOT. You can find a full list of my books on my website and I hope you’ll join me on some of those Journeys Through Seduction.

Really, it’s only when I’m with the Cabal that my crazy tendencies come out…and if you believe that, email me off blog, ’cause I have a wide range of properties in Outer Mongolia to sell you. Oh, and any reports of me writing helicopter cocks have been greatly exaggerated…I SWEAR J
For a full list of my books, and quite possibly more information than you wanted to know about me, visit my website
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  1. She lies. Helicopter cocks are her raison d'etre. ;-) *runs and hides*

  2. You better hide...that's LIBEL and if you say it out loud it'll be SLANDER too! See, Ma...all dat $$ on schooling wasn't a waste!

  3. Heli-cock-ters? Hm. Didn't we have this discussion last night?

    Rock it, Bootay!

  4. Never heard of helicopter cocks, I think I've been cheated. *Makes note to self, find that cock!* Now I'm giggling shamelessly. hahahahahaha
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

    1. Julianne, having made you giggle, my work here is complete! ;)

  5. You ladies make me just giggle! Thanks for that, sometimes that's all I need (well...amongst other things...did someone say Heli-cock-ters??) after a hectic day at work!


    1. I hear you, Eva! I think that's one of the reasons I love being a part of the Cabal too. Sometimes you just need a laugh and, man, do these ladies provide that!

  6. Helicopter cocks?? Anya?? What on earth! Clearly I've been missing something... and hmm... how on earth did a girl from the tropics end up in the cold Northern Climes?? Bet there's quite a story there in itself :) Can't wait to read some more of your heat!

  7. Jamaica to Canada!? BRRRRR!!

    Hopefully writing helps keep you warm!

    authorjennaowens @ gmail . com

  8. whooooo!! No way...I could so see Canada to Jamacia!!! Thanks for th intro! I have enjoyed reading about each and everyone of you!!