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Friday, January 11, 2013

Geeky Hotness In Da House

All About the One Know as Geeky Hotness....
A.K.A Lea Barrymire

What to admit to? Hmmm... I am so many things, Mom, friend, wife, author, cat herder, fish feeder, taxi driver, nuerotic writer, confidant, ass-kicker, first responder, disciplinarian.... I could keep going but you get the idea.

So, why am I Geeky Hotness? I. LOVE. SPREADSHEETS. Well, actually anything that creates order from chaos. Calendars, lists, files, spreadsheets (it needed to be mentioned twice). You get the idea, right? I'm totally into organizing stuff, be it information, people, books on a shelf. And, I love science, math, equations, formulas, microscopes, forensics, dissecting... All of it. So, what better name for me, right?

I started writing to help with an insomnia problem. Now, I write to let the characters out of my head. You think I'm joking? I'll leave you to your ruminations, but I can definitely tell you that THEY drive my stories more than I do.

My first release was in April of 2012. That makes me a newbie in my mind. Since then I've released six books with two publishing houses, Siren Bookstrand and Ellora's Cave. I write mostly paranormal, sci-fi and futuristic... but I've been known to dabble in BDSM and EC for Men when the mood strikes me. I LOVE alpha males and strong females. My characters tend to be on the geeky side as well, what can I say, they aren't all fictitous in nature. They are all sexy, sensual and totally great in the sack. LOL

I have two new releases on the horizon.

Bound at the Ball, which releases 1/28

Rella, of the Cinder clan, was born to the submissive race on her planet and has finally reached the age of maturity. She has hated her nature since birth and has fought her submissiveness. As the youngest of four sisters she’s watched the others go off and look for mates. This time she’s forced to comply with the government’s edicts, which includes attending the Unity Ball and taking a mate from the warrior species. What she doesn’t know is that she has already caught the eye of a warrior before stepping foot into the Ball.

Warrior Sabar is ready to take a mate but doesn’t want a weak female. He sees what he craves in the willful Rella during her Initiation Ceremony. Her sweet submission and soft cries of passion are exactly what he wants in a mate.

Can they find each other before the Unity Ball ends? Or will someone else claim her?

It'll be available for preorder sometime soon through Siren.

Fondled and Gobbled: Someone Had To Do It, which releases 2/6

The perfect man—with the imperfect cock and oral skills. The Dom who isn’t a dom, and the man who proves it to him. The alien with dessert-flavored semen and three cocks. The older man (a kajillionaire with a penthouse in Seattle…) who has limitless ability to come all night with his naïve little virgin. A woman on a diet who craves a feast of meat and finds herself five Broadshaft Brothers who can deliver.

If you’re looking for the perfect romance with the perfect hero and heroine, this isn’t it! This is a series of spoofs, parodies, just-for-fun lighthearted take-offs. It’s for all us longtime, hard-core romance readers who can laugh at the clichés, purple prose and “suspend your disbelief” plot devices that haunt our beloved favorite genre. 

This is already available for preorder on Amazon HERE.
You can check out my books on my website: www.leabarrymire.com if you'd like. 

I love followers, so you can also find me on:
Twitter- @LeaBarrymire

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  1. If no one in the cabal organized us, we'd still be sitting at RomantiCon talking, drinking and laughing...at least in our minds. Unless one of invents some kind of stopwatch that can stop time, which would be awesome...except then that opens a whole new set of problems.

    *shuts up*

    1. LOL Time travel? Stoppage of time? Get on those! We could definitely use both.

  2. I don't do the spreadsheets, but everything is color coded! Character notes each have a different color!

    1. LOL When I write each book gets a section in a notebook, and YES, I TOO color-code. I am a tactile thinker, so all my notes for my books are written long hand. *grins* Another quirk o' mine. Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of hats you wear! I try to be organized but am too easily distracted by something else that needs done. LOL!

    1. If I didn't have lists I'd be curled in the corner, in a tight ball, and crying. LOL I need the structure, I guess. Thanks for stopping by! TGIF

  4. I'm a Geek too! A science Geek-- chemistry. You can have your math though. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

  5. I can kinda see the spreadsheet thing, I like them too sometimes. My thing is lists. I like to make lots of them. I color coded my reviews. hahaha So just by looking at the color paper, I can tell if it's an author request, part of series, or a single title. So I guess I'm sub-geeky. Congrats on your upcoming book releases. I can't wait to read those Gobbled and Fondled stories.

  6. LOL! I kind of like spreadsheets--they're so very manageable! Unlike the disorder in my house ;) Congrats on the upcoming releases, Lea--those sound delightfully HOT!

  7. Thanks for stopping by Cynthia, Julianne and flchen1! Lea

  8. She whips us and beats us, but only in a good way. ;-)

    1. LOL Only when you've been bad, or ask real nice. Oh, wait... that should be a Mistress Hotness line. ROFL

    2. LOL! No one's saying that geeks don't know their way around a whip... they might be the best at that since they tend to study to get things juuuuust right ;)

  9. You are a new author to me. I will have to check your books out.
    I love lists and calendars. i need to be organized. i even keep some friends organized with my lists etc.lol.

    1. Well then. Hi! I'm Lea... LOL Let me know what you think if you grab any of my books! :)

  10. Lea,

    You seriously rock! :D

    authorjennaowens @ gmail . com

  11. Lea...Now I know who keeps this group organized..lol..I was wondering!!