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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I am Leo, Hear me Snore

So, I had to look up exactly what my personality, as a Leo, is supposed to be and all I can say is I want to be that when I grow up. Apparently I’m supposed to be a confident, courageous and ambitious attention whore, who likes to control everything, live large and dispense that largess to all my friends. I should be constantly craving other people’s company and work well in groups, of which (of course) I am in control of, and never, ever take orders. If, for some strange reason, I find my life falling into a routine I will create excitement and drama of my own…

Yeah…that all sounds far to energetic for me.

I don’t know. I guess maybe true aficionados would tell me that the description I looked at was just a guide, and my real Leo personality depends on how the planets were aligned at the moment I was born. And, you know what? I’m quite open to the possibility. I have no clue how the universe really works, so who am I to say it’s all hooey? But there is one thing I don’t think horoscopes can take into consideration, and that’s how a person is raised and their experiences during their formative years. How can that not have an impact on how a person’s character develops?

Anyway, the truth is, if I’m a lion I’m that sleepy one lying under a rock, wondering if anyone else is going after antelopes today, rather than the lioness leading the hunt. I’m more the Cowardly Lion than this one:

As for those control issues… my friends will tell you one of my favorite sayings (said with my Jamaican accent) is, “Anyting dat yuh like.” And I actually mean it! If there’s drama going down, I don’t mind watching, but I try very, very hard not to create any. Although with my friends I feel safe to throw the occasional hissy-fit, I also don’t like to do anything too Diva-ish in public. I will swing my claws in defense of those I love, but it has to be a dire situation, worthy of the exertion!

If I had that wad of cash Leos are supposed to have (because we love swag, apparently) I certainly would share it with my friends, but guys, don’t hold your breath waiting for me to get rich. Remember, I’m more like this…

…than like this…

And of course, this is just how I see myself. One thing I’ve learned is that perception is everything, and each of us sees things from a different angle. But I still say, “I am Leo, hear me snore!”


  1. Wow, I laughed so hard reading this. It's funny, when I was younger, I used to know which months were associated with the particular signs, but now, going back through the Cabal's posts, I realize that I don't know what month most of you are born in. I decided that only a FEW of the things associated with my sign apply to me...I do LOVE the color blue but I am afraid of being in the ocean...I don't mind my head being under the water, it's the breathing thing that concerns me, lol. I discovered that I was more in tune with my Chinese horoscope...I was born in the year of the Ox, evidently, and my, that definitely struck resonance with me because I am definitely slow to anger but boy, watch out once that happens!

    Thank you for a great post (I don't come here to talk to you folks often enough because I get your posts by e-mail, but I am quite entertained by them).

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Elf! I'm glad I entertained you... as you can see just the exertion of writing the post wiped me out for DAYS, which is why it took so long to answer :D