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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My theme music...for the moment

So when I was thinking about my theme music nothing good popped into my mind. I mean, I do have a song, every good crime fighting ninja does. But what plays on a loop in my head wouldn't be considered "theme music".

I played the violin in the 6th grade and my favorite song was called The Indian Waltz. Yeah, I know, having a dreary violin solo playing in the back of your mind wouldn't be a great motivator for anything, but I find that I hum it all the time and it has a calming effect on me.

For this assignment that song just wouldn't do. So I went with the next best thing. The song that I turn up and bounce to whenever it comes on. I'm almost too ashamed to admit it because the singer has been losing her mind lately but here it goes:

Griff's Partying Theme Song

Imagine just for a minute that it was song by someone with an ounce of sense and while we're at it, a good singing voice. I love the lyrics. It reminds me of the good old days of hanging out with girlfriends and shutting down the clubs. Drink in the right hand and left hand in the air kind of fun

So take a minute. Listen to the words and try to remeber those good old days. Which may actually be this past weekend for some!



  1. I couldn't actually listen to the song again...well, not really the song. I remembered my nephew making me watch this video and me asking "But what's wrong with her? I don't get it, why are there giant teddy bears?!"

    But yeah, it's a hands in the air kind of song...of which I can only put one in the air anyway, so I'd need that drink in the other. Think they'll play it at RomantiCon?

  2. I expect they will. Every night and often.