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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I See a Theme Developing...

Although I had an idea of what I would pick, I decided to take a poll among some of my family, asking what they thought my theme song should be. The results made me laugh but also made me a little proud. The first one my son came up with was Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas (who happens to be a fellow Jamaican). Particularly, he said, the bit that says, "Here comes the Big Boss, Hoo-Ha, Let's get it on."

Then he came up with a song that's a staple on my playlist. It's one of the first songs I heard when I came to Canada, and I fell in love with it. That he would think a song named "Spitfire" is appropriate also made me laugh. I didn't embed it in this post because it's just the track and doesn't have all the cool and interesting back-up moves that the above video has *tongue firmly in cheek*.

When asked, my husband took a long time to come up with a song and then told me this one.

Pat Benatar was one of my idols, and when he said he thought of it because I roll with the punches and get back up... and occasionally fire off a few shots of my own... I thought that might have been one of the nicest things he's ever said to me. :)

But, truthfully, the first song that came to mind when I saw this topic is one I loved and wished I had the courage to emulate from the first time I heard it. But I didn't have the strength. I was too shy and too much of a people-pleaser, worried about what people would think or looking for approbation. I was glad when it became an anthem for a group of people too long downtrodden, but I still wanted it for my own... so now, older, having gotten past giving a shit, I claim it too. And yes, I know most of these songs age me horribly but *shrug* I am what I am!!


  1. Those are definitely great personal theme songs!

  2. Thanks Susan! It's interesting how others see us, isn't it? Sometimes looking at ourselves through others eyes can be a boost!