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Friday, September 13, 2013

Geeky's Theme Song... cue Star Trek Title Sequence

Boldly going where no man has gone before... the mind of Lea Barrymire. ROFL

Hmmm... theme song. I've spent WAY too long thinking about this and really nothing has popped out at me as the over all, fundamental 'Geeky Hotness' song. So, instead I'm sharing my 'mood' music with you. :)

I'm a jack-of-all-trades, wearer-of-many-hats, multitasking extraordinaire. When I write I like to have music in the background. Most of the time I end up pairing the songs to my mood or what's happening in the story. Here are some of my favorites...

For that angry sex, fight scene or all around bitch moment:
Disturbed- Down with the Sickness

Or something like Prodigy's Firestarter

If I'm in the mood for some 'chick' music I tend to go to early 90's girls. Natalie Imbruglia, All Saints, Aqua and No Doubt. I spent 3 years listening to Europe's choice of music while in Germany. :) By the way, I love this song, and I've told my kids it's about butt-dialing bwhahahaha

Now, if all I'm doing is driving around doing the mom thing I'm all about the 80's rock. Or, 'Classic Rock'. UGH Makes me feel old.

Well, and I had a HUGE crush on Jon Bon Jovi... BIG crush. :P

Okay, so you get the idea, right? I don't have a genre of music that I LOVE. I pretty much like anything out there. I haven't really been into country, sorry... 

BUT I've recently started listening to Steffen Hughes cover a bunch of songs. He's a hottie, gonna be on a cover for me, so... *clears throat* I'm not stalking him. Not at all. Promise.

If you want more details about the book he's on stop over here: www.leabarrymire.com/books--winning-isaac It's releasing October 23rd!!! I'll be posting more info on my Facebook page, too, as we get closer.


  1. I was nodding along with this post. Yup, I know these songs and agree with them all except for that All Saints' song. I'm not a big girl group chick band fan

    1. Hmm, tried to respond on my phone and it threw a hissy fit.

      I do harbor an irrational like of girl bands. :P