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Friday, August 16, 2013

Story Time, PART 5!

It's time for Part 5 of our novella! Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. And part 4 is here.

I'm going to go ahead and title our little serial novella here.... 

~~Hotness Happens~~

Ryan gaped at Antoinette.

She leaned casually against the frame of a bathroom stall, wearing the unbelievably sexy lingerie set Ryan had bought for her last Valentine's Day. The one she'd been pissed at him for buying. The one he'd begged her to wear for him. And the one she'd never worn before.

She smirked, knowing Ryan thought this was all for him. Silly man—he thought he had the upper hand. He should know better by now. Did he really think she'd reward him for his behavior?

No. She had something else in mind entirely.

Knowing they had a few minutes, she stood there, letting him devour her with his gaze, his eyes lingering over her breasts, which were covered (if you could call it that) with a thin, sheer fabric, her nipples clearly visible. Her bare, trim abdomen led to silk panties...exactly like the pair he'd ruined. But what really brought the outfit to orgasm-on-the-spot level were the fishnet stockings and fuck-me pumps she'd bought that morning, just for the occasion. 

Antoinette let him marinate for a minute in the carnal vision she knew she made. She was wet just thinking about what she'd planned. Her revenge was going to be so damn sweet.

She sauntered forward, heels clicking on the marble. Ryan reached out for her but she brushed past him to reach into her purse. Clutching the small treasure she'd extracted from it, she ordered him into the bathroom stall she'd been hiding in, and he complied. She'd gone in there to make sure the stall had a good view of the sink, and hot damn if it didn't have a great view.

"Drop your pants, you sick fuck." Ryan complied immediately, almost blushing. She cocked her head, studying his large dick. "Hard already? It's a good thing this has snaps." She held up the black leather cock ring and Ryan's eyes widened.

"What's that for?" he stammered.

"It's to keep your nasty ways under control until you've learned your lesson." She knelt in front of him and reached between his legs, tucking each of his balls into the first ring and tightening it before pulling his now-bound scrotum up so she could snap the other strap snugly around his erection.

“Damn that’s tight,” he whispered. “I’m not sure if I can come with that thing on, baby, and we can’t take too long—my boss could walk in any minute!”

Antoinette smiled sweetly, walking her fingers up the underside of his erect penis, harder now due to the pressure exerted by the cock ring. She leaned forward, pressing her full lips to the mushroom head of his dick in a soft kiss before dropping her bomb.

“Keeping you from coming is exactly the point. And don't worry baby, your boss is already on his way in. I texted him earlier with a naked picture of me and a request to meet me in here. I knew he'd be game after all the stories you told me about him being such a playboy.”

“Wha—??! Antoinette, what the fuck? You can’t—you aren’t really gonna—!”

“Shhh.” She stood up and placed her finger on his lips. “I really. Am. Gonna.” She drew the words out, mocking him. “Because if you get to force your fantasy on me, then I get to force mine on you. And who knows. You just might like it.”

“But it’s my boss! It’s…humiliating.”

“That’s sorta the idea, baby. But he doesn’t actually know who I am so he won't know there’s any connection to you. He thinks I’m just a white-collar groupie. He’s rich, handsome, a powerful CEO. I'm sure I'm not the first to offer myself.”

“And what am I supposed to do? Participate??”

“No, silly.” She put a hand to his chest and shoved him further back into the dark stall, oversized for the pampered executives. “You stay in this stall in the shadows and you watch through the gap in the door while your hot boss fucks me senseless on that counter.” She pointed to the sink and Ryan made a sound somewhere between a squeak and a whine, his eyes huge. “And Ryan—” she stepped forward, wrapping her hand around his cock and giving it a hard squeeze. “You'd better not even think of orgasming until your boss has emptied his hot cum into your wife’s tight pussy. Got it?”

Now Ryan moaned, a sound that could have been misery or rising ecstasy. She couldn't tell, and frankly, she didn't care.

Backing out of the closet-like structure, she blew him a kiss as she pulled the door nearly closed behind her. “I'd advise you not make a sound, honey. No matter what goes on out here. And once I have these new silk panties covered in your boss’s cum, we'll see what you have the urge to do with them then.”

Just then the air pressure in the room shifted as a soft whoosh announced the entry door to the executive lavatory had been opened from the hallway. Antoinette rushed to the sink, leaned back against it and fluffed her hair, pasting a sultry smile on her lips. She heard the distinct sound of a lock being slid shut on the heavy outer door. Good, she thought. He is game.

Her heart felt like it was going to thud right out of her chest as she watched the inner bathroom door swing open to reveal her visitor…the man she intended to fuck in front of her kinky husband.


Ooooh I can't wait to see where we take this next!!! It's like the dirtiest relay race ever! *hands off baton and collapses in exhaustion*

I gave it my all folks. :) Happy Friday! Go get some this weekend, bitches!! 

Kisses & licks,


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