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Monday, August 19, 2013

Hotness Happens~Part Six

It's time for Part 6 of our novella! Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Part 4 is here. And Part 5 is here.
Ryan watched as Antoinette crooked her finger at his boss and spread her legs, inviting him to fuck her right there on the bathroom counter. But the most surprising part of it all was the rush of blood to his cock. He didn’t think he’d like to see another man fucking his wife, but his cock said otherwise.
Shit. He really was a sick fuck. If wearing women’s underwear was only the beginning, the end might be a little scary.
“Come here big boy.” Antoinette cooed and Ryan could hear his bosses footsteps come closer, until he could see the man grinning at his wife, undressing her with his eyes. Not that she was wearing much clothing, mostly a bra and those silky underwear that were the cause of all this.
The fact that he still wanted to touch them, wanted the silky softness rubbing against his cock right now just proved how messed up he really was.
His dick jerked a little and the cock ring tightened painfully.
“Why yes I will.”  Steele said in what he probably thought was a sexy growl. Sounded more like he was constipated or something.
Ryan wasn’t surprised that Steele would jump right on her. He’d heard the rumors, knew Steele had a reputation as a sex addict and that getting a job as a secretary here required a lot of extracurricular activities. But this was his wife, not some bimbo that wouldn’t last more than two weeks at the company before she was replaced by someone new.
Antoinette didn’t waste any time, she pulled Steele in for a kiss and her hands went straight for his zipper. Damn, he didn’t know if he could let this happen, let his wife fuck his boss, but he wasn’t really in any position to stop it even if he wanted to. If Ryan stepped out of this stall, if he said anything, he would probably piss off his wife and definitely lose his job.
Antoinette moaned as she kissed Steele and pushed his pants and underwear down to the floor, but underneath it all was the biggest surprise of all. Steele had the smallest penis Ryan had ever seen. It was barely even an outie.
There was no way Antoinette was going to let him touch her with that thing.
Ryan blinked a couple times, thinking he might be hallucinating, that a man couldn’t really have a penis that small, especially the same man who bragged in staff meetings about the enormousness of his cock.
“I…um...” Antoinette hesitated.
Oh God he hoped she didn’t say anything like fucking Steele was going to be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway...or even worse, laugh at him.
Antoinette didn’t hold things back. Steele didn’t know she was his wife, but he could find out someday and that would be very bad for his career. Ryan held his breath and closed his eyes, but then he lost his balance a little, fell into the wall of the stall and it made a little thumping sound.
It wasn’t loud, but Steele and Antoinette both turned their heads his direction and he knew he was screwed. And not in the literal way he was hoping for just a few minutes ago.
Sky Robinson
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