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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cabal Story part Four!

This month the Cabal is posting a story...but you wouldn't expect a regular story from US, would yah? Nope...we're each writing a bit, so no one knows WHERE this'll go! The first part is here and the second part is here. And part three is here. Below is part four!

Ryan was hard. She had a way of doing that do him even when she was pissed. In fact, when angry, she was so much more exciting. He maybe one sick fuck, but Antoinette came a close second. Shit his balls ached and his dick was near to bursting.

He smiled. She thought she had the upper hand but it was he that had orchestrated this whole game. Grovelling into the phone had been hard, but necessary.

He made his way through the maze of cubicles to the management offices and the executive bathroom. It was risky, but the reward could be worth it. He strode like he had purpose and after a quick glance up and down the opulent hall, he opened the outer door, slipped inside and closed it quietly behind him.
A smile curved his lips when he heard heels clicking on the marble floor inside the restroom. Those definitely weren’t Gucci loafers. She was inside and up to something.

Ryan pushed the door open, and with a soft whoosh it shut behind him. He turned and gazed around. Empty except for a bag on the counter by the sink. He held his breath and tip toed over to it. He felt like a dumb ass walking so stealthily but something made him hold his breath, as if he were waiting for the boogey man to jump out at him.

Reaching his hand out, he fingered the zipper and pulled. It let go like gun shots in the quiet room, stepping closer he leaned over to look inside when the slam of a door scared the crap out of him. He jumped and spun around trying to figure out how he would explain his presence in this room that was off limits to office staff.

“Holy fuck!” He choked and his eyes bugged out of his head. Ryan couldn’t decide if he was going straight to hell or on the first flight to heaven.

Oh, I wonder what happened? Stay tuned....

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