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Friday, August 23, 2013

Hotness Happens - Part Seven

It's time for the newest installment of the Cabal of Hotness' first multi-author novella. Click the links to read Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five and Part Six to catch up on the story!

To Ryan's complete shock, Steele eyes lit up when they saw him and God help him, his boss' little dick grew. A centimeter. He wasn't looking of course. It just sort of...caught his eye because Steele's cock looked a little like a grub worm except not as ribbed or wiggly. Then he realized he was staring at it again. And he swore it waved. No, that wasn't a wave, it was Steele walking ever closer with his undersized junk hanging out. Antoinette's eyes were wide and startled, but the horrified shock began to wear off when she saw Ryan's reaction.

"Are you here to watch?," Steele asked as his hand came up to stroke his...grub worm. That was the only comparison Ryan could make because it definitely wasn't a cock. "Here to see me give this gorgeous woman the kind of orgasm you only read about in books and erotic spoofs?"

"Um." Yeah, he'd like to see Steele try. Ryan had been married to her for years, dated her for longer than that, was toting around a solid ten inches of cock and had the kind of oral skills that he'd learned from that sex class she made him take a few years ago and he still couldn't get her off all that easily. If his boss thought that tiny cock was going to make Antoinette come harder than she ever had before...Hell yeah, he'd like to see it.

"Sure," he said with a confident smile. "Let's see what you got, boss man."

Steele flashed a grin at Ryan and turned on his heel to face Antoinette again.

"My dear," he called holding a hand out to her.

She sashayed over, gorgeous body flashing at them and leaving Ryan rock hard all over again. He could really use a pair of her underwear right about now, the thought of finally getting one up over his boss was that sexy.

Antoinette slid her hand into Steele's and the minute their skin touched, her eyes widened again and the air in the atmosphere of the bathroom changed.

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