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Friday, April 5, 2013

If I Weren't a Writer....Brazen Style

With a name like Brazen Hotness, my "If I weren't a writer" should probably be a little racy with a side of full on titillation and maybe lots of cleavage. Ok it's me, so that would definitely be lots of cleavage.

I won't lie. At one point in my life I did want to be a Vegas Showgirl....mostly because they got to wear such awesome costumes with glitter and feathers and the shoes! There was a time period when I wanted to be a Bond girl. But only if Pierce Brosnan got to be my Bond (This was after Remington Steele was off the air but he had not yet become Bond) and after the movie would routinely call me just to ...chat.  I think the craziest idea I've ever had was wanting to be a dominatrix..again for the clothes and the shoes. 

On the less risque end, I wanted to be a bartender -- I had dreams of competing in the national competitions; a fashion designer -- oh those drawings were terrible;  a geneticist -- kinda hard when you're squeamish from blood; college professor -- English of course!; or the person who came up with the cool/pun names for nail polish.

Romances books weren't my first love (hello mysteries!) or even my second (hi there writing the story lines for video games) but I'd be lying if I wouldn't have found a way to dive, Scrooge McDuck style through those books.

If money were no object, I would be a book reviewer. There are few things on this planet that seem more amazing then reading books and then talking/writing about them non-stop. I had it all planned. I was going to be a middle school librarian by day, book reviewer by night.  With plenty of time to sip tea and shoot the breeze about my books while waving my latest review in the USAToday.

Occasionally I get twitchy and think what if....? But then I remember the wonder of writers cons and the joys of seeing my name on a book like my latest release below.  

Makes it all worthwhile. Though I do have to admit, I could go for a pair of dominatrix boots.....


  1. Vegas showgirl costumes are so cool but I would totally gone for being a Bond girl. They got the sexy outfits and weapons!

  2. Oohhh la la, a Vegas showgirl, how cool is that!! I wouldn't be able to walk in any of those showgirl shoes, it might be fun to watch. Fancy feathered costumes have long been a favorite of mine. The bond girl thing is quite ingenious. Just think of all the awesome names the Cabal can think up!!