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Friday, April 12, 2013

If I couldn't unleash the voices...

This month we're all talking about what we'd be doing if we weren't writing. Because writing isn't my main source of income, yet, I can't really say my day to day life would change much. BUT, I'm sure I'd be on meds and found more often than not curled in a corner, blowing spit bubbles and giggling about the elves tickling my toes.

Okay, so maybe it wouldn't be quite that bad, but writing for me is an outlet for creativity. I write for the enjoyment of it. The release of characters and storylines from my mind is therapeutic. I use it as a way to focus my energy or turn my irritable ass around to a happier outlook. I get a mental itch if I've set aside a story for too long.

I sound a little neurotic? Perhaps psychotic? :P *nod* Yep. Maybe.

So, if I wasn't writing I'd need another outlet. I love photography. Black and white stuff to be exact. In high school I was on the yearbook committee and I was the only one that could run the dark room. So, for two years I spent lots of time in a tiny closet getting close and personal with chemicals and strips of 35mm film. I loved the smell of that room. The absolute quiet.

Yeah, that's what I'd do. Build myself a darkroom and pull out the ol' Nikon 35mm we have that takes the most amazing pictures and become an eccentric photographer. Wander around taking shots of weird things like dead animals and leaf shadows that look like pandas eating ice cream. Then spend hours in seclusion developing pictures with a tiny red light shining over my shoulder.
picture taken with 35mm during high school

What? I did say writing was a creative outlet. Who wants to come play with B&W photos with me? :)

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  1. Sometimes I crack myself up! Just reread this and WOW I sound crazy!

  2. LOL, you really don't!

    My BFF for the last 25 years took photography in college and I was her "assistant". It was the most fun I ever had and if I would've been able to afford the equipment, I think I would've done the same. I love photos too. Especially B&W

  3. My dad had a dark room made in our former house. He'd spend hours in that room and made some wonderful photos. I miss those days.

  4. The spit bubbles in the corner was an interesting discovery.
    I've not ever been in a dark room developing film. It is something that sounds interesting although I would be more inclined to the color photos than black and white. I do like to take pictures, I've gotten very used to the digital camera as I can take as many pictures as I want to get a good one.
    I was wondering who wrote the post as there is no name. But I do know who Me is. :)