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Friday, December 20, 2013

Casting Come When Called

For our December theme, the Cabal is casting real life actors as the characters of our books! All in fantasy, alas.

Come When Called is a menage featuring Ford, Evie and Charley...and boy do these three heat up the pages of this book!

EVIE RADMIN: Evie is a curvy, voluptuous girl with dark blonde hair, blue eyes and full lips. Oh, and she has sex with Ford and Charley on demand.

FORD LACHANCE: Ford has dark, tousled hair, going grey at the temples, bright green eyes, and dazzling dimples. He’s athletic in a soccer player / crew-rower sort of way. Fit and muscular without being too bulky, tall, suave, sophisticated, confident, and very rich. He wears fine, custom suits. He is a dominant and enjoys commanding Evie sexually. He’s very demanding, is always in control, and always gets what he wants, but he’s a loner, and so is very alone in the world.

CHARLEY BAKER:  Charley is the exact opposite of Ford, and is Ford’s best friend. Charley has shaggy brown hair and sexy stubble. He speaks in a Southern drawl. Charley is a very large and muscular biker, who wears tight, worn jeans, black biker boots, and a grey fitted tee-shirt that shows off his big chest. He is fun, boisterous, and outwardly loving and affectionate. And he’s in love with Ford, from afar. But that "afar" doesn't last once Evie comes along and is determined to get the two together. He and Ford share Evie, and Evie becomes the conduit that helps Charley and Ford have a...deeper...relationship. 


For Evie, I'd pick Scarlett Johanson. Evie is a badass in her own way, and has had a bit of a rough life. But she's also soft and vulnerable, and capable of a deep and accepting love. I think ScarJo could pull off the dichotomy of Evie's character brilliantly. 

For Ford...I just can't. Ford's most defining feature--other than his nearly supernatural gorgeousness--is his dimples. I looked for dimpled actors, but none that I can find are quite right. Probably anyone considered right for Christian Grey would work for Ford too, except that Ford is older than Christian by a few years. And, by the way, Ford was written long before I ever met Christian. :) 

For Charley, this one's easier...Jenson Ackles (Dean from Supernatural), but with one change. (hey, this is fantasy!) Dean/Jenson's got the right amazing looks, fun, breezy attitude--nearly a big puppy dog--for Charley Baker, but I'd need a much larger, bulkier version of Jenson. Don't get me wrong, Jenson's built juuuusssttt fiiiiiinnnnee, but Charley is physically a really large guy. 

So there you go! My fantasy cast for Come When Called. If you have any suggestions for my brooding, dominant, dimpled Ford, PLEASE leave me comments!! I want to know. 

<3 Piper

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