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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Some Like it Hot... And I'm One of Them

If I could be anywhere, I’d be somewhere tropical...



I’d have a nice place—not fancy, just nice and cozy—and I’d have it set up as a writer’s retreat. It would be a spot where authors, whether published or unpublished, could come for peace and quiet, the chance to rejuvenate and create. The view might be like this:

Or like this:

But for me, if it were somewhere about five or six o’clock (somewhere) it just might look like this:

You’ll all be welcome when I get it going, okay?

And if you enjoy some tropical heat, check out my oldie but goodie, Night of the Cereus, which is set in steamy South Florida and has a HOT Latino hero. 


On the night the Cereus blooms, temptation paints a picture impossible to resist.

Artist’s model Melanie Fletcher likes to keep life simple, and painter Marcus Alejandro practically oozes complications. And sex appeal.

Posing for him, surrounded by the seductive scent of the night-blooming Cereus, Melanie’s self-imposed rules of a lifetime are slowly being undermined. She begins to wonder—would it really hurt to give in to her lust, just this once?

Initially drawn to the dichotomy between Melanie’s reserved exterior and hidden passion, Marcus soon discovers the more he gets from her, the more he wants. Her delicious body isn’t enough. He needs to know her intimately, both inside and out, but getting her to trust him is harder than he ever imagined.

How much can he ask for before she walks away?

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  1. Me. Tropical place. Now. Yes. I'm right with you.