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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

If I could go anywhere

On Earth...
I'm an avid traveler. I love it! I even love packing clothes for a trip!
I'll go just about anywhere with the promise of fun, good people, good drinks, good times and warm weather.
It's imperative that I take at least one major vacation a year. I prefer two with about five minor vacations, but I'll try not to appear greedy in the vacation department in this blog and leave it at one.
Pft... Who am I kidding?
I'm going to be greedy (bwa ha ha ha).
I want to go somewhere with plenty of this...


and this...

So I can do this plenty of this...

Or maybe enjoy a view like this...

Now, if by chance I had to leave Earth and travel to another planet, I'd prefer for it to be very hospitable to my likes. My fictional world of Sonis which I created for my Loving Dangerously series is scorching hot with one large ocean.
So far, its not a place where I would opt to take my vacay. But with time I plan to build it to a thriving attraction of fun and sun.
I can't do anything about the heat (Sonis has two suns), but I have plans for the Singha Ocean in the near future. No waterparks or anything like that, but a place for rest relaxation would be top on my list. Maybe a nice lodge where a couple could watch a storm rage on and how it affects the alien sky...
My plot bunny is rearing its pretty little head so I must say ado!
Dangerously Yours the steamy sequel to Dangerously Mine is available now!

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