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Monday, May 20, 2013

And the award goes to...

Music while writing is so important to me, In fact I pretty much never write without it. I sometimes put the same song on repeat for hours while I work through a scene (does this make me seem a little crazy? Well, I just might be...)

So today I'm going to give you my top five songs for writing a sex scene.

5. Ginuwine-Pony
The reason behind this one is pretty obvious. I mean the song is pretty much all about sex.

4. Just Got Started Loving You
Yep, I'm a little bit country and this song...I mean how can you go wrong with a man saying he just got started loving you? The future promises to be real nice when that's just the beginning.  

3. Moves Like Jagger
Adam Levine half naked-enough said
2. Dirt Road Anthem
Okay, here's where things get weird. Not just because my redneck side is coming out again, but this song really doesn't have much to do with sex. It does have a good beat, and for some reason I like to use it a lot when writing sex scenes. Oh, and I prefer the version with Brantly Gilbert singing.
And my number one...for today anyway is the strangest of them all. Not really a sexy theme. I mean how sexy can a thrift shop really be, but it's working for me. It may have something to do with one of the first lines in the song. "walk into the club like what up? I got a big cock." That's sexy, right? And those pajamas he's wearing, definitely hot... ;)
1. Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis  Thrift Shop
To see the results from these songs...if the weirdness of my selections hasn't completely scared you off...you can check out the sex in the books at skyrobinson.com


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