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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5 Best Kisses and One bad one that irks me ...

Okay, these awards are just based on my opinion, but since I'm in control of the awards I get to choose. Muwahahahahahaha *THE POWER! OH THE POWER*

*clears throat*

Anyways, I'm counting down some of my favorite kisses from TV and Movies. In no particular order.

Number 5: The Tenth Doctor's clone kissing Rose (Long story) kissing.

 Number 4: The Ninth Doctor kissing Rose Tyler. At :51

Number 3: Persuasion 1996 (Not that crappy updated one). The kiss is at 3:11

Number 2: Richard Armitage as Mr. Thornton in North and South. ZOMG. ZOMG. ZOMG.

 Number 1: Okay, one of the funniest scenes which led to a LONG awaited kiss in a brilliant series known as the Vicar of Dibley. Also at the end leads into one of the nastiest, but still funny.

 And now for one of the worst. I love Jane Austen's Persuasion. I've read it. I LOVE the 1996 version with Ciaran Hinds and Amanda Root. I was kind of excited for the 2007 version, but it sucked. I hated what they changed. I just detested it.

 Her mouth was working like a fish and he's all like hesitating like he's trying not to laugh at her mouth opening and closing over and over again. I guess I just never connected with these two as Ann Elliot and Captain Wentworth.

 So those are some of my favorite kisses.

Yes, they're all British. Perhaps a nice British Flare awards and I'll work on a North American one next time.

Honorable Mention goes to As Time Goes By with Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer.

And now, a kissing excerpt from my upcoming release PRIVATE RELEASE coming June 7, 2013

 “It’s nothing… It’s just been a long time.” And no one has seen me naked since I was shot and left with a horrific scar.

 “You tell me if you want to stop. I’ll take this slow. We have all night.”

 Heat bloomed in her core. All night sounded like heaven. Adele licked her lips. “Keep going.”

 “All you have to do is tell me to stop and I will.” His voice was husky with need.

 “Don’t stop.”

 “I’m so glad you said that.” He pressed his lips against hers in a light butterfly kiss, which made her want to jump out of her skin. “Because I don’t want to stop.” He undid the buttons to her suit jacket and then slid it off her before tossing it away over his shoulder. It was her only good suit, but frankly right now she didn’t give a damn about her clothing. All she wanted to be was naked and under him.

 His hands slid down to her waist and he quickly undid the button her pants. Adele’s breath hitched in her throat as his fingers slid under his silk camisole, untucking it from her pants, coming so close to the puckered scar from the shooting. When Elias saw the wound, he’d been disgusted by the prospect of the damage it would leave on her body.

 “What’s wrong?” Jared asked. “You’re incredibly tense.”

 “Nothing. Don’t stop.” Don’t stop. Wash it all away, erase my nightmares.

 He tilted her chin, his gaze full of concern. “Adele?” She responded by running her hands up under his shirt and nibbling his jaw.

“I’m okay. Don’t stop.” Jared let out a feral growl, which caused her body to hum in excitement. He pushed her back against the mattress and pulled her pants down over her hips and off, tossing them in a different direction from her jacket.


  1. The doctor kisses are the best. The clone..*swoon*. lol

  2. I had a video for it, but the dang thing disappeared.

    Yes, that was a great kiss! :)

  3. It's like we're sisters from another mother! Good choices! I'd never seen that vicar one but it was pretty funny.

  4. Vicar of Dibley is AWESOME, Cass. Richard Armitage is in that one too, in the final season! :D