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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Favorite Fictional Hero?

Oh man, asking me that is difficult.

There are just so many that I can't properly choose.

I just can't do it.

Especially when you're an author. I mean, how do you also choose from the heroes you write?

As a writer you have to love each character you write about.

In my upcoming Ellora's Cave book WILD RELEASE which is coming out January 22nd I pictured a big, brute of a guy, scarred up, shaved head and totally bad as Etienne.

For my Harlequin Medical coming out February 2014, I pictured Kevin McKidd from Grey's Anatomy to play the role of Dr. Gavin Brice. Who doesn't love a good looking Ginger man? I know Dr. Gavin Brice was very capable of Melting the Ice Queen's Heart. Dr. Virginia Potter didn't stand a chance.

I find when I'm working on a book I need visuals, so I create Pinterest boards to help me. It helps me visualize my characters more and they morph well beyond the actors I've chosen to be their own persons. Still each hero I write is different and in other books I've read, there are different reasons why I like a hero or even an anti hero.

I don't like just one flavor. ;)

I like Alpha's, Betas you name it.

I like them brooding and I like them joking.

So I can't really tell you who my favorite fictional hero is.

I like them all.

If you're interested in my Pinterest Boards you can find the board for Wild Release and Melting the Ice Queen's Heart by clicking on the titles.


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