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Friday, October 18, 2013

Romanticon 2013--All the Dirt That's Fit to Print!

I get to post the first Cabal post after Romanticon 2013! Ooooh, what should I tell first?

When I first got to Romanticon and saw my Cabal-mates, I ran to the room they were in and pressed my breasts against... Oh wait. I probably shouldn't tell that one first.

There was the first breakfast when Cristal and I discussed male/male spectator sex over a plate of sausage. Oh, that's probably not appropriate to bring up.

Then Danica got humped by a couple of--no, wait...

I made a bunch of women do terribly naughty with bananas. And Ann Mayburn told them they should put their fingers in--maybe I shouldn't elaborate.

We had a meeting over breakfast on how to incorporate cumshots into our... Wow. Turns out there's actually not a whole lot I can actually tell you about.

But you know what?? It was lots of fun and you can experience it next year for yourself! Seriously, it's so much fun. Ellora's Cave puts on a great show. The ladies are all so friendly and fun, and you'll have lots of stories you can't ever tell anyone either!

Doesn't that sound awesome?

But here are some pix I *can* share with you!

Here's what happened when I tried to write in the hotel bar at Romanticon:

Here's me on my knees in my fancy dress sneaking sparkling wine to the Cabal at the awards ceremony!

And finally, here's a story from Romanticon that I am PROUD to share!
The Cabal of Hotness (including our one male member, Justin Whitfield) won Ellora's Cave Superstar "For the Love of Romance" Awards for our Fondled & Gobbled books!! Here's us on stage receiving our awards:

Romanticon, until next year when we meet again!


  1. I loved (almost) hearing about your adventures...and look forward to seeing them in another Cabal anthology, lol. Congrats on the awards, they are well-deserved!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the almost-post! And thanks for your kind words. :)

  3. I missed the naughtiness with the bananas. You'll have to fill me in later. It was a great weekend.

  4. Romanticon is hands down my favorite con.

  5. I am sooo going next year...even if it is in Ohio...Ok guys...what is in Ohio????

  6. Julianne, give us enough alcohol and we'll sing like canaries. :)

    Vanessa, I love it too! Plus it's where I met you. :)

    Nikki--Ohio is the smut capital of the world! Samhain and EC are both in Ohio!

  7. Would have loved to have been there! Someday I'd like to get my books signed!

  8. Awesome, Piper!! Love your blog and finally meeting you in person. I'll talk sausage and death by vibe, err... well anything with you anytime!