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Monday, July 8, 2013

Time Warp

Time warp. Letter to me. Time paradox.

Dear you - me,

Don't be alarmed when you find this letter. Yes, its from me to you, from the future.

You're embarking on a path that will fill you with a multitude of emotions. Good and bad. Lots of highs and lows. If you know this going in then you'll ride the waves with a calm mind. Hopefully. But knowing you, me...er us, you'll be a freak show at times. When your computer dies in 2008, don't fret, you'll finish that story on another one without any problems. Computer you say? Yes, you'll struggle with handwriting, an IBM selectric but push on and don't let it be a hurdle. There's too much at stake.

First. Pick a genre that you're comfortable writing, might stretch you and even pull you a bit out of your comfort zone. I know you don't like research, but suck it up and do it. You have to. Find something fun to research - oh, just so you know, you will do research at a sex club - yes that kind of fun research :) And NO, I'm not going to tell you when and where, you'll know when the time comes.

In 2003, you're going to have a few divas give you a real hard time. Stand fast and don't let what they have to say make you falter. I let it and it set me, us, back about five years. I kick myself for letting this happen, especially after a hugely encouraging 2001 (shhh, you win a contest with Harlequin and get a request too). I wonder where things would be for us right now if I'd stood fast. And speaking of Harlequin, in the early 80's when you receive the guidelines you requested from them, don't let it scare you off. Figure it out and WRITE for crying out loud! I could be published 30 years now if you had, you silly ass.
Remember this pic of me, you...us in Grade 11. Time warp.

The romance genre will go through huge changes. From what your reading now, bodice rippers, historicals, pirates and cowboys (they never go away btw), and then along comes big epic books - you'll love one called Scruples, rags to riches stories, werewolves and vampires, space operas, aliens, zombies...so, try and be one step ahead of the game. Be the first in and set the pace. Don't pooh pooh anything.

But above all, enjoy it. Love what you do and it will be fine. It's all good.

Happy writing and if you begin to waver, feel that kick in the ass? Yep, its me doing it through the time space continuum.

me, your future self. 

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